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Exploring Future-Proof Tech Roles

​Are future-proof jobs a myth? Probably. Is the working world in a constant state of transition? Definitely. Building an adaptable skill set is the key to traversing today’s fast-changing tech land...

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Episode 31: Climbing Tech's Leadership Ladder with Richard Simon

In this episode, we caught up with The Cloud Therapist himself, Richard Simon, to discuss what it takes to level up in tech. From building a personal brand to the difference between a job and a car...

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Improving Observability in US Tech: Moving the Dial in DevOps

Great DevOps teams find new ways to close gaps in dynamic, ever-changing work environments. Whether that’s the gap between performance and reliability or development and operations, DevOps is in a ...

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How to Recruit More Women in Tech: Top Tips for Swiss Businesses

A slew of landmark rulings are poised to improve gender representation across the EU, but are Switzerland’s tech leaders equipped to embed sustainable change?Whilst representation has improved in m...

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Deep Rec

2024 Incoming: What’s next for DevOps?

​Between cultural paradigm shifts and ever more complex tech, it’s been a busy decade for DevOps. Once a remedy to the unchecked dysfunction of the mid-2000s tech teams, DevOps is evolving, giving ...

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DevOps Market Update: 2023

​With the focus shifting to profitability for many born-tech startups, the brakes are being held on DevOps hiring. Since the start of Q1, however, traditional sectors like mining, logistics, and ma...

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The Talent Retention Checklist

​Widespread layoffs might have the headlines hooked, but the view from the CTO’s seat tells a more nuanced tale. Tech’s talent retention troubles won’t go away; high turnover rates (12.9% according...

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Soda (7)

Coding Freedom: Harnessing the Power of Microservices

The smaller the better in the world of software. Scalable, agile, and deployable at the touch of a button, microservices are a popular approach to modern software development, but what does it invo...

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Women in DevOps – Pride in DevOps – Your Authentic Self

Authenticity means accepting who you are, your needs, and how you communicate and influence the world.There is nothing as liberating as self-acceptance and being your true authentic, unapologetic s...

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Dev Ops Con Berlin

DevOps con Berlin

​Our very own Lucy Eloise Neal and Antonia Otter delivered a ‘Shifting mindsets and addressing the gender imbalance in DevOps’ panel discussion with Ishita Shukla, Sarah Cordivano and Greta Jocyte....

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1 Mannewtechhub

Women in DevOps: Is Manchester the new tech hub?

​In addition to this, it is home to a uniquely creative and social community, with endless opportunities, networking and a culture that enables innovation and a sense of unity. Last week, we held o...

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Security In Dev Ops Global Edition

Security in DevOps: global edition

​We were thrilled to see such a diverse group of attendees at last night’s event, from South Africa, San Francisco and Los Angeles, to Germany, Edinburgh, Dublin and London; it was a real treat to ...

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Devopsthe Key Behind Thriving Fintech With Eleni Fragkiadaki From Monzo

‘DevOps: The key behind thriving fintech’ with Eleni Fragkiadaki from Monzo

​We sat down with Dr Eleni Fragkiadaki from Monzo to discuss the key behind thriving fintech at Monzo. ELENI IS A SOFTWARE ENGINEER AND TECH LEAD WITH MORE THAN 14 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN BUILDING A...

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Women In Dev Ops Meetup Dev Ops The Keybehindthriving Fintech

Women in DevOps Meetup – DevOps: the key behind thriving fintech

After a last-minute logistical dilemma and a quick venue change, we held our first women in DevOps of the decade in collaboration with Monzo Bank. We would just like to say a huge thank you to our ...

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New Age Of Devops Interview With Google And The Bbc

New age of DevOps interview with Google and the BBC

​We had the pleasure of having both Gabrielle and Susie on our most recent London-based women in DevOps panel for an event titled ‘the new age of DevOps’. We sat down with Susie and Gabrielle to co...

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Women In Devops Meets Los Angeles

Women in DevOps meets Los Angeles

​We held our first American meetup at Google’s offices to discuss how we can tackle the gender DevOps gap in California.Last week on the sunny coast of Silicon Beach we launched ourWomen in DevOpsL...

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Women In Dev Ops Meetup

Women in DevOps Meetup

​We had yet another thought-provoking, interactive panel discussion last night at our women in DevOps Meetup!With an amazing turnout, our panel shared their thoughts with our community on diversity...

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Women In Devops Meetup Leading Devops To Achieve Success

Women in DevOps Meetup: Leading DevOps to Achieve Success

​Last night we had our ‘Autumn edition: leading DevOps to achieve success’, where we touched upon culture conversions and diversity within the Workplace, data mining and privacy, restoring/performi...

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Women In Devops Keep Your Head In The Clouds

Women in DevOps: keep your head in the clouds

​Thank you to our community and speakers for coming to celebrate our tenth event last night – keep your head in the clouds! Our panellists gave inspiring and powerful talks on security and shared w...

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Trials, tribulations and triumphs of Women in DevOps

​With guest speakers from the BBC and N26 it’s going to be a good one! We'd just like to say thank you to our attendees, our inspiring speakers, and our hosts, Sainsbury's for another successful ev...

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