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Women in DevOps: Is Manchester the new tech hub?

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Women in DevOps: Is Manchester the new tech hub?

In addition to this, it is home to a uniquely creative and social community, with endless opportunities, networking and a culture that enables innovation and a sense of unity. Last week, we held our first Manchester-based networking event and uncovered 'Manchester: The New Tech Hub' with a panel of market-leading experts, in collaboration with our friends from Coding Black Females.

One key takeaway was that ‘Mancunians’ have a noticeably hard work ethic, with the worker bee mentality reflecting the city’s industrial history. Our audience agreed that community was a contributing factor as to why they preferred Manchester as a city to call home. Affordability, accessibility, and innovation were equally important to the attendees on what differentiated Manchester. Will Manchester be the new Silicon Valley? Let us know in the comments below.

With special thanks to our community partners Coding Black Females and our fabulous panel for the thought-provoking discussion:
Flore Onasanya - Host @ Women in DevOps
Rachael Nakaye - Chair @ Coding Black Females
Suzie Kim Jihyon - Senior Creative Digital Designer @ AO
Toye Akinoso - Fullstack developer @ Tracsis plc
Mabel Ochebiri - Customer Experience Analyst @ Sage
Hera Saqib - CEO & Co-Founder @ Classimize