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Women in DevOps – Pride in DevOps – Your Authentic Self

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Women in DevOps – Pride in DevOps – Your Authentic Self

Authenticity means accepting who you are, your needs, and how you communicate and influence the world.

There is nothing as liberating as self-acceptance and being your true authentic, unapologetic self. Organisations have the power to enable employees to feel a sense of belonging, psychological safety, and security to thrive. Do you show up authentically in your place of work?

We held our first in-person ‘Pride in DevOps – Your Authentic Self’ panel discussion on the 29th of June in collaboration with our friends from NewDay. The session explored lobbying for genuine change, experiences of coming out in the workplace and how easy it is for companies to rainbow-wash. How to make policy changes for LGBTQIA+ employees, and the importance of bringing your own authentic self to work in which 70% felt they could bring themselves to work, 20% felt they couldn’t and 10% were unsure on whether they could or not. When asking the audience about their favourite thing about pride common themes that appeared were community, acceptance, solidarity and equality, love and authenticity were also common themes.