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Inside Look: Our First London Hackathon

​Our very first in-person London Hackathon is complete! On April 15th, the SODA squad had the pleasure of teaming up with Ex-Military Careers and the amazing Code Institute to orchestrate a hackath...

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Is it Time to Attend a Tech Event?

​Tech events! They’re the perfect places to form connections, learn from industry leaders, and maybe even conquer a lingering fear of networking while you’re at it. From panel discussions and live...

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We Hosted ‘Damn! That’s Good Data #2’ in Berlin With Scoutbee

On Thursday evening SODA Social flew to Berlin to collaborate with the wonderful team at Scoutbee for the return of our much-anticipated series, ‘Damn! That’s Good Data! #2’ hosted by our very own ...

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SODA Social Webinar #17 - Pride in Tech: Future of Tech Employee Activism

On Tuesday 28th June, our SODA Social community came together for our most recent webinar session, ‘Pride in Tech: Future of Tech Employee Activism.’​​The discussion delved into an array of topics ...

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Women in DevOps – Pride in DevOps – Your Authentic Self

Authenticity means accepting who you are, your needs, and how you communicate and influence the world.There is nothing as liberating as self-acceptance and being your true authentic, unapologetic s...

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Dev Ops Con Berlin

DevOps con Berlin

​Our very own Lucy Eloise Neal and Antonia Otter delivered a ‘Shifting mindsets and addressing the gender imbalance in DevOps’ panel discussion with Ishita Shukla, Sarah Cordivano and Greta Jocyte....

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1 Mannewtechhub

Women in DevOps: Is Manchester the new tech hub?

​In addition to this, it is home to a uniquely creative and social community, with endless opportunities, networking and a culture that enables innovation and a sense of unity. Last week, we held o...

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Soda Social Webinar #16   Mental Health Awareness Week   Getting Connected

SODA Social webinar #16 – Mental Health Awareness Week – getting connected

​During the pandemic, 30.9% of adults felt their well-being had been affected by feelings of loneliness (UK Gov, 2020).The pandemic has transformed how we think about mental health, wellbeing, and ...

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Women in DevOps: Empowering women: tackling toxic productivity & hustle culture

​Is the age of 80–100 hours a week a thing of the past?The pandemic transformed the workplace, bringing awareness to unrealistic expectations. More mindful initiatives such as the four-day work wee...

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Recap – SODA social webinar #15 – Climate Tech: A Green Future

​This Earth Day 2022, we were joined by a forward-thinking panel of experts who explored emerging technologies, start-ups, and technological solutions that are tackling the climate crisis for a gre...

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Recap – soda social webinar #14 – accelerating the future of workforce well-being and mindfulness

​It’s estimated that one in six people in the past week experienced a common mental health. It's estimated that one in six people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem and sin...

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Recap – women in DevOps webinar #21 – Serverless Architecture: an honest conversation

​Our Women in DevOps community came together for our first Women in DevOps networking initiative of 2022, ‘Serverless architecture an honest conversation' hosted by the lovely Sabrina Battiston.Ser...

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December Webinar Reopening The Workplace Adjusting To The New Normal In Ireland

Webinar #13 - Reopening The Workplace: Adjusting to the New Normal in Ireland

The pandemic has changed the work environment forever. Shifting mindsets and adapting to a working remotely and in-office hybrid work model has become the norm. Companies like Netflix, Twitter, Dro...

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We Held Our First Soda Social Hackathon In Collaboration With Code Institute

​We held our first SODA Social hackathon in collaboration with Code Institute

Yesterday we reached the finish line of our first-ever hackathon here at Trust in SODA! During this weeklong event, we partnered with the amazing and experienced code Institute and challenged the p...

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SODA Social webinar #11 – Pride in Tech: amplifying the voices of the LGBTQIA+ community

​Our first virtual pride in tech panel discussion took place in a forward-thinking debate that uncovered companies that are bringing LGBTQIA+ visibility to technological innovation. Our panel discu...

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Soda Social Webinar 6 Computer Vision In Production 30

SODA Social webinar #6: computer vision in production 3.0.

​Our SODA Social community came together for our latest webinar ‘computer vision in production 3.0,’ as part of our series. The event was slightly different from its preceding editions; talk...

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Sodaicomputer Vision In Production 2 Computer vision in production 2.0

Our soda social community came together for our latest webinar ‘computer vision in production 2.0,’ as part of our series.The webinar was fuelled with interesting topics of discussion; from ...

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System Design Think Tank Smart Productssmart Systems

System Design Think Tank: smart products, smart systems

​Last night we held another insightful SODA Social virtual webinar in collaboration with System Design Think Thank titled ‘Smart Products, Smart Systems’. Products such as our mobile phones, smart ...

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Security In Dev Ops Global Edition

Security in DevOps: global edition

​We were thrilled to see such a diverse group of attendees at last night’s event, from South Africa, San Francisco and Los Angeles, to Germany, Edinburgh, Dublin and London; it was a real treat to ...

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