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Committed to Careers, Addicted to Digital

We are an award-winning next-generation digital recruitment agency, with international reach and unrivalled digital recruitment knowledge and expertise. Our Soda squad work with world-renowned technology brands and agencies offering our candidates and clients a wide range of opportunities and dynamic roles on both a contract/interim and permanent basis.

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In a nutshell, we are dedicated to delivering specialist technology talent to a range of industries including E-commerce, Social Media, Finance, Retail, Gaming, VOD/IPTV, FinTech, Energy, Internet, Software, Healthcare, Public Services, Transport and Mass Media.


There was once a time where the most subjective topic was how to cook a fillet steak… and then the UX/UI was born into the digital world (Thanks Don Norman). However, with over 10 years’ experience recruiting outstanding UX/UI designers and researchers here at SODA we ourselves have mastered the art of identifying beautifully crafted portfolios. With a unique and unrivalled engagement with the design community we have had the greatest pleasure of seeing some of the best work ever devised on the planet (in our opinion, and soon to be yours!);

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DevOps… You can’t say that word without ruffling some feathers these days. It’s become probably one of the most controversial tech phenomenon in the past few years. Teams have popped up and grown faster than we could say 'Amazon Web Services' and it’s certainly created an evolution for production and delivery. Whether you believe it’s a culture or a rightful title we have the knowledge and understanding to find the perfect engineer to whip your pipelines into shape. We ensure you’re hiring game changers who are also an impeccable culture fit for your team – Need a Docker captain AND a new football captain? Leave it to us!

Software Engineering

In our humble opinion Software Engineering is one of the most competitive areas of technology. It’s certainly not good enough to know that Java is more than an island off the coast of Bali. However, on this note SODA does have an International presence on the software engineering map. There’s currently an ongoing internal debate here at SODA to whether Germany makes better cars or Ruby Developers – so we are testing both!

Product Management

Need a Product manager? Someone who is responsible for guiding the success of a digital product whether that is consumer facing or an internal tool. Product Managers are vital in the creation, strategy, development and ongoing development for a product or an entire product line. We have an awesome network of savvy, organised and client facing Product Managers in some of the most innovative B2B and B2C businesses across the UK and Europe.


We cover a variation of roles including Marketing, Digital Marketing, Brand, PR and Communications, ranging from Senior level to Executive levels, permanent, contract and interim. The industries that we specialise in include: Retail, Media and Entertainment, Financial and Professional Services, E-Commerce, Creative Agencies and Technology. 

Our dedicated client side team have a wealth of experience, a huge marketing network and we ensure that an adequate mix of marketing commuincations is built.

Agile Delivery

We deliver a range of roles from process driven Agile Coaches to Scrum Masters and Technical Business Analysts in the UK and Europe. Organisations need dedicated agile teams that concentrate on the joint approach of incremental and iterative solution development and delivery on products and processes to accelerate a business’s value. We have access to a pool of technical experts to ensure we have can help build your teams.

Ambition-quenching roles

You can find all the job vacancies SODA has below; split into the different sectors we recruit, to help you find the digital role that is right for your skills.

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Shaking up what recruitment can be

Social responsibility doesn’t have to be flat. Our events and initiatives bring new energy to digital recruitment.

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At SODA we are a rather passionate, collaborative and innovative squad. We love what we do, we absolutely adore the clients we work with, both agency and client side. We are an experienced bunch; we work together; we help each other out; and we genuinely love going to work.

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