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Hybrid Working: A Barrier to Women’s Tech Career progression?

​Glass ceilings aren’t shattered by hollow promises – many of the sturdiest hybrid working models still suffer from the age-old biases that stand in the way of gender parity, regardless of what tho...

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Luchele Mendes Juliapodcast

Podcast Episode #16 - Driving Healthcare Innovation Through Human Computer Interaction with Julia Hoxta

Take a listen to our latest SODA Social podcast episode featuring Julia Hoxha. Julia is co-founder and CEO of Zana, a German company developing Conversational and Voice-AI solutions for healthcare....

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Trials, tribulations and triumphs of Women in DevOps

​With guest speakers from the BBC and N26 it’s going to be a good one! We'd just like to say thank you to our attendees, our inspiring speakers, and our hosts, Sainsbury's for another successful ev...

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