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Women In Dev Ops Meetup Dev Ops The Keybehindthriving Fintech

Women in DevOps Meetup – DevOps: the key behind thriving fintech

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Women in DevOps Meetup – DevOps: the key behind thriving fintech

After a last-minute logistical dilemma and a quick venue change, we held our first women in DevOps of the decade in collaboration with Monzo Bank. We would just like to say a huge thank you to our community, speakers, and team for bearing with us and enabling the evening to happen.

Ironically, we had no technology at one of our biggest technology events, but the spirit and support of our community enabled us to pull through and have a successful evening. 'DevOps: The Key Behind Thriving FinTech', from security and compliance, to cognitive diversity, culture and being inclusive for LGBTQA+ employees. Bridging the gender gap does not happen overnight. During a meeting one of our panelists recorded how many times the term ‘he’ was mentioned to describe a person, it was thirteen times. Never she or her. We are going through a period of change. Simple terms, such as ‘folks’ instead of ‘guys’, are more inclusive. But by being mindful of gender-neutral language in the workplace is a starting point. Our words can affect people, including those we work with. Together we can drive change, empowering one another.

Shout out to our community – we are one step closer to closing the gender DevOps gap and we believe more than ever that a balanced workforce, drive innovation.