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Inside the Swiss Financial Talent Market

​Switzerland's banking ecosystem, famed for private banking and wealth management, showcases remarkable adaptability, exemplified by UBS's recent takeover of Credit Suisse, lauded as the 'deal of t...

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Download our 2024 Swiss Market, Salary & Rate Guide!

​​​​Fresh from the tailwind of a challenging 2023, the tech industry has shown clear signs of rallying, raising hopes for a brighter, AI-enabled future. Cautious optimism is the prevailing market s...

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Episode 31: Climbing Tech's Leadership Ladder with Richard Simon

In this episode, we caught up with The Cloud Therapist himself, Richard Simon, to discuss what it takes to level up in tech. From building a personal brand to the difference between a job and a car...

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Beyond the Buzz – Demystifying AI’s Role in Modern Business

Has the AI megahype reached its apex? Probably not. Is it sapping our will to stay awake? Probably. However you might feel about the meteoric/rapid/supercharged rise of AI, it’s clear that the busi...

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Improving Observability in US Tech: Moving the Dial in DevOps

Great DevOps teams find new ways to close gaps in dynamic, ever-changing work environments. Whether that’s the gap between performance and reliability or development and operations, DevOps is in a ...

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