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Exploring Future-Proof Tech Roles

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Exploring Future-Proof Tech Roles

​Are future-proof jobs a myth? Probably. Is the working world in a constant state of transition? Definitely. Building an adaptable skill set is the key to traversing today’s fast-changing tech landscape.

Layoffs continue as plenty of firms place their virtual eggs in the AI basket. According to, 98,001 employees from 326 tech companies have been laid off in 2024 alone.

This alarming stat doesn’t paint the full portrait – how can there be continuous layoffs, and yet companies are calling out for candidates? The tech talent paradox is alive and well, and it’s being driven by skill shortages, frozen budgets, AI enablement, overstretched hiring managers, and in some cases, outdated hiring processes.

If you’re hoping to explore future-proof tech roles in 2024, it’s worth broadening your search. From healthcare to agriculture, tech roles are cropping up in places you might never suspect. Now they might not be completely future-proof, but they’re certainly in demand, and we expect they’ll stay that way for a while.

Data Security Analyst

The world is producing data at breakneck speed (an estimated 402.74 million terabytes!), and given the state of the modern-day threat landscape, data security has shot to the top of the priority list. Vacancies for data security analyst jobs are showing up across plenty of emergent areas of tech, and we’re seeing more and more engineers make the transition into the fast-growing discipline. Hoping to learn more about the market? Check out our live data jobs to get a feel of the landscape:

Cloud Network Architect

The rate of digitalisation is picking up around the world, driving demand for high-quality Cloud Network architects in its wake. This dynamic and typically high-paying role represents strong career prospects, plenty of opportunities to diversify and specialise, and a wealth of routes to upskill.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineering is seeing a welcome spike in demand, largely a result of the desire for increasingly adaptable deployment processes, increased automation, and faster app development. DevOps is always evolving (DevSecOps anyone?), and the rise of cloud computing is making it even easier to integrate the DevOps philosophy into modern engineering.

Cybersecurity Experts

From junior-level analysts to CISOs, cybersecurity is calling out for talent. With an estimated gap of around 225,000 professionals, the world of cybersecurity is short-staffed, and it’s been this way for a while. If you’re hoping to explore a sustainable career in tech, you can’t go far wrong in cybersecurity.

Machine Learning Engineer

This should be a surprise to nobody. Machine learning engineers are one of the most sought-after professionals on today’s market, and it’s easy to see why – around 68% of large businesses use some form of AI, and this number looks likely to rise substantially with the advent of ever more powerful systems. Is this space future-proof? It’s shaping up to look that way.

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