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Valuation Matters: Inside the Digital Transformation Landscape

​M&A activity is on the up in the UK and the US, surging by 59% and 64% respectively in 2024. It’s largely thanks to a stabilising market, increasing risk appetite, and a focus shift toward operati...

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Episode 33: Blowback, Business, and No-Nonsense Leadership, with Andrew Holmes

​Episode 33! SODA’s Managing Director, Oliver Perry, caught up with the insightful Andrew Holmes, author, management consultant, business partner, humourist – the list goes on. Tune in to hear all ...

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Exploring Future-Proof Tech Roles

​Are future-proof jobs a myth? Probably. Is the working world in a constant state of transition? Definitely. Building an adaptable skill set is the key to traversing today’s fast-changing tech land...

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Why Tech Contractors Choose Germany

​As hiring budgets freeze in the face of uncertainty, the world’s labour markets are facing off against subdued growth, skill gaps, and for some German companies, industrial stagnation.This has cat...

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Top Tech Skills to Watch in 2024

Hoping to future-proof your career in a fast-changing tech world? Now’s the perfect time – not only are upskilling opportunities more accessible than ever, but also the global tech market is desper...

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Case Study - Meta

​OverviewAs one of the world’s premier innovators, Meta recruits a wide variety of tech professionals, leveraging a range of skill sets to deliver consistent value to its customers. From software e...

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Tech Trends 2024: Inside the Cloud Exodus

The cloud exodus – while it might not warrant ‘the great’ quite yet, a recent trend of repatriation (companies backing out of the cloud in favour on-site infrastructures) has emerged. Given the wid...

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Data Decoded: Exploring Tech's Top Careers

​Data. It's everywhere, from your Spotify playlists to the traffic lights on your commute. But who makes sense of it all?Tech companies are swimming in data, and they need talented professionals to...

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Overcoming Germany's Digitalisation Gap

​Is German digitalisation in need of a reboot? Despite boasting the third-largest economy in the world, a thriving industry 4.0 market, and an innovation-rich startup scene, Germany’s digital lag t...

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Beyond Hiring: What is Community-Led Recruitment?

As tech skill shortages reach record heights, traditional recruitment models fail to keep pace with the demand for talent.The German tech market is a prime example, a thriving, innovation-rich hub ...

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Episode 32: Changing the Tune – Pivoting into Tech with Tim Morris

​In this episode of the SODA Social podcast, we sat down with the wonderful Tim Morris, veteran of the live music industry-turned software developer.  Tim shared his thoughts on transferrable skill...

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Exploring Swiss Tech Hubs: A Magnet for Talent

Switzerland’s tech hubs are a prime destination for Europe’s top talent, boasting high growth rates, excellent standards of living, and innovation in abundance.As the chronic skill shortage rages o...

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Talent Trends and Challenges in Switzerland’s AI Market

​Switzerland's AI innovation efforts have soared to new heights, fueled by a thriving startup ecosystem, esteemed universities, and a balanced regulatory environment. Spearheaded by institutions li...

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The Responsible Business Initiative Revisited: A New Era for Corporate Accountability?

​After being rejected at the ballot box back in 2020, Switzerland’s Responsible Business Initiative (RBI) is finally making a resurgence.The original initiative, designed to improve Switzerland’s c...

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Tech Tips 101: Navigating Scaling Setbacks

The tech space is a reliable source of mind-bending innovations. From nanosatellites to surgical robotics, we’ve seen plenty of promise in the last few years alone.Taking any great idea from the la...

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Navigating Change and Transformation in the Swiss Tech Market

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The accelerating pace of digital transformation is challenging Switzerland's renowned market resilience, underscoring the critical need for organizational agility. Despite Switzerland...

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Inside the Swiss Financial Talent Market

​Switzerland's banking ecosystem, famed for private banking and wealth management, showcases remarkable adaptability, exemplified by UBS's recent takeover of Credit Suisse, lauded as the 'deal of t...

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Download our 2024 Swiss Market, Salary & Rate Guide!

​​​​Fresh from the tailwind of a challenging 2023, the tech industry has shown clear signs of rallying, raising hopes for a brighter, AI-enabled future. Cautious optimism is the prevailing market s...

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Episode 31: Climbing Tech's Leadership Ladder with Richard Simon

In this episode, we caught up with The Cloud Therapist himself, Richard Simon, to discuss what it takes to level up in tech. From building a personal brand to the difference between a job and a car...

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Beyond the Buzz – Demystifying AI’s Role in Modern Business

Has the AI megahype reached its apex? Probably not. Is it sapping our will to stay awake? Probably. However you might feel about the meteoric/rapid/supercharged rise of AI, it’s clear that the busi...

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