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Marketing and the Mysteries of the Metaverse

​The metaverse is making big promises, and the forward-thinking marketing teams of the world are already poised to take full advantage, but what exactly do those advantages look like? The mysteries...

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Podcast Episode #18: The Future of Women in Data Science with Selma Hadzic

​What will the future bring for women in data science? Take a listen to our latest SODA Social podcast episode featuring Selma Hadzic. Selma is a senior data science manager/tech lead with 10 years...

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Championing Digital Accessibility in the World of Tech

The digital fever dream that is the 21st century is simultaneously baffling, wondrous, and unfortunately, inaccessible to much of the world’s population. A report in Forbes highlighted that only 3...

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Podcast Episode #17 - Microdosing & NLP - A conversation with Sam Becht on Pyschedelics & AI

Take a listen to our latest SODA Social podcast episode featuring Sam Becht.Sam is one of the founders of Deliqs, where he is setting up a digital ecosystem for psychedelic care and research. With ...

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What Causes the Digital Skills Gap?

​​The modern world thrives on digital literacy, and it shapes reality as we know it today. From socialising and entertainment to healthcare and fintech, it’s inseparable from our everyday lives, an...

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Hybrid Working: A Barrier to Women’s Tech Career progression?

​Glass ceilings aren’t shattered by hollow promises – many of the sturdiest hybrid working models still suffer from the age-old biases that stand in the way of gender parity, regardless of what tho...

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Podcast Episode #16 - Driving Healthcare Innovation Through Human Computer Interaction with Julia Hoxta

Take a listen to our latest SODA Social podcast episode featuring Julia Hoxha. Julia is co-founder and CEO of Zana, a German company developing Conversational and Voice-AI solutions for healthcare....

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Podcast Episode #15 - It's Time to Close the Gender Gap

​This panel discussion is a pre-recorded webinar, but we felt the content was so impactful, we decided to share it with our podcast listeners. Our SODA Social community came together for our webina...

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Sodas Miami Incentive Trip

SODA's Miami Incentive Trip

Our top performers across all levels at SODA (part of Trinnovo Group), in both recruitment and corporate functions, attended our annual incentive trip to the glamourous, Miami last week. The trip i...

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Beat The In Person Interview Anxiety With These Ten Tips

Beat the In-Person Interview Anxiety with these Ten Tips

Endless worry, mind-melting existential dread, overthinking, an absent appetite and the bleak promise of a sleepless night – it must be the pre-interview anxiety. Pre-interview nervousness is perf...

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We Hosted ‘Damn! That’s Good Data #2’ in Berlin With Scoutbee

On Thursday evening SODA Social flew to Berlin to collaborate with the wonderful team at Scoutbee for the return of our much-anticipated series, ‘Damn! That’s Good Data! #2’ hosted by our very own ...

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Hello Farringdon! Our New London HQ

​Hello Farringdon! Our London Squad Were Treated to a Celebratory Breakfast as We Commemorated the Move to Our Brand-New Office.As we continue to grow our headcount exponentially, our new office pr...

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SODA Social Webinar #17 - Pride in Tech: Future of Tech Employee Activism

On Tuesday 28th June, our SODA Social community came together for our most recent webinar session, ‘Pride in Tech: Future of Tech Employee Activism.’​​The discussion delved into an array of topics ...

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Being queer is beautiful – an interview on non-binary awareness

​International non-binary people’s day is observed each year on 14th July and is aimed at raising awareness and organising around the issues faced by non-binary people around the world.The day was ...

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Our SODA squad took on ‘Clash of the Companies’ in Dublin, Ireland

In aid of children’s charities in Dublin, Ireland.Last Friday our Dublin SODA squad took part in #clashofthecompanies, taking to the streets of Dublin to uncover various challenges and fundraise fo...

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Women in DevOps – Pride in DevOps – Your Authentic Self

Authenticity means accepting who you are, your needs, and how you communicate and influence the world.There is nothing as liberating as self-acceptance and being your true authentic, unapologetic s...

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Women in DevOps: Berlin Summer Party

According to LinkedIn data in Germany, women make up 10% of the current workforce, which showcases the importance of tackling the gender disparity in DevOps.​

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LGBTQIA+ leaders – Stefania Chaplin from GitLab

​This year we are highlighting LGBTQIA+ global leaders. This week meet the fabulous Stefania Chaplin, solutions architect from GitLab."Over the last five years spoken at over 100 events globally an...

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Episode11 Naturallanguageprocessingandaiwithduyg

Podcast Episode 11 – Natural Language Processing and AI with Duygu Altinok

​Duygu Altinok is a senior NLP (natural language processing) engineer with 12 years of experience in almost all areas of NLP including search engine technology, speech recognition, text analytics a...

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Dev Ops Con Berlin

DevOps con Berlin

​Our very own Lucy Eloise Neal and Antonia Otter delivered a ‘Shifting mindsets and addressing the gender imbalance in DevOps’ panel discussion with Ishita Shukla, Sarah Cordivano and Greta Jocyte....

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