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Podcast Episode #18: The Future of Women in Data Science with Selma Hadzic

​What will the future bring for women in data science? Take a listen to our latest SODA Social podcast episode featuring Selma Hadzic. Selma is a senior data science manager/tech lead with 10 years...

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Podcast   Soda Social Visuals Sam Brecht

Podcast Episode #17 - Microdosing & NLP - A conversation with Sam Becht on Pyschedelics & AI

Take a listen to our latest SODA Social podcast episode featuring Sam Becht.Sam is one of the founders of Deliqs, where he is setting up a digital ecosystem for psychedelic care and research. With ...

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Luchele Mendes Juliapodcast

Podcast Episode #16 - Driving Healthcare Innovation Through Human Computer Interaction with Julia Hoxta

Take a listen to our latest SODA Social podcast episode featuring Julia Hoxha. Julia is co-founder and CEO of Zana, a German company developing Conversational and Voice-AI solutions for healthcare....

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Podcast   Soda Ronan

Podcast Episode #15 - It's Time to Close the Gender Gap

​This panel discussion is a pre-recorded webinar, but we felt the content was so impactful, we decided to share it with our podcast listeners. Our SODA Social community came together for our webina...

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Episode11 Naturallanguageprocessingandaiwithduyg

Podcast Episode 11 – Natural Language Processing and AI with Duygu Altinok

​Duygu Altinok is a senior NLP (natural language processing) engineer with 12 years of experience in almost all areas of NLP including search engine technology, speech recognition, text analytics a...

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Podcast Episode 10 – Climate Tech: A Green Future

​The world is feeling the impact of the climate crisis. Destructive wildfires take over Australia and California, severe flooding in Western Europe, glaciers melting at accelerating rates and devas...

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Podcast Episode 9 – Stress Awareness Month With Tom Carmichael

Podcast Episode 9 – Stress Awareness Month with Tom Carmichael

​"My name is Tom Carmichael. I am 33 years and have been working within recruitment now for the past 12 years and this is me sharing my journey of my struggles with mental health.  I was just your ...

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Podcast Episode 8 – Women in DevOps – Empowering Women: tackling toxic productivity & hustle culture

​The pandemic transformed the workplace, bringing awareness to unrealistic expectations. More mindful initiatives such as the four-day work week, hybrid office models, shorter commutes, and flexibl...

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Podcast Episode 7 – empowering women and breaking the bias with Ritika Wadhwa

Ritika Wadhwa is a director at the cultural intelligence centre. She is responsible for leading the centre’s work in the UK and beyond.Ritika has over 25 years of extensive experience in client ret...

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Rachegan Iwd2022

Podcast episode #5 – break the bias, ditch the ‘hustle culture’ and negotiate like a boss with Ann Roberts

​Ann is the Chief People Officer of Flo, the #1 most downloaded health app on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of every girl and woman worldwide.Ann is the Chief People Officer of Flo,...

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Podcast Episodethe Politics Of Data With Ivana Bartoletti

Podcast Episode 4 – the politics of data with Ivana Bartoletti

​We interviewed the Ivana Bartoletti a technical director at Deloitte, visiting policy fellow at Oxford University and co-founder of women leading in AI network. Ivana Bartoletti has established he...

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Ode 1 Trans Allyshiplgbtq And Supporting Trans Employees With Aubrey Stearn

Episode 1 – Trans allyship, LGBTQ+ and supporting trans employees with Aubrey Stearn

We interviewed the inspirational, warm and passionate Aubrey Stearn otherwise known as Bree, an interim CTO. Bree is the first trans-CTO in the UK and has previously held interim roles at Oakam, Na...

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Podcast Episode 2 Sodaaiseries Machine Learning Autonomous Cars With Alexander Gechis

Podcast episode 2 – series: machine learning & autonomous cars with Alexander Gechis

​Alexander is a perception lead at Kopernikus automotive GmbH. He started his career as a software test engineer and worked in a big variety of fields primarily related to machine learning topic li...

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