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Episode 31: Climbing Tech's Leadership Ladder with Richard Simon

In this episode, Trust in SODA's Johann Nathanielsz caught up with The Cloud Therapist himself, Richard Simon, to discuss what it takes to level up in tech. From building a personal brand to the di...

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Pioneering Product: Bridging tech talent gaps with Mirela Mus

​In this episode, Trust in SODA's Donell John-Baptiste sat down with the insightful Mirela Mus to talk about what it means to be a people-first business in the world of Product recruitment. Mirela ...

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Building an Inclusive Working Future with Marlon Opigo

​"I've always had this curiosity about 'how can we do more?'" 🚀 🌈 ✨In our latest SODA Social podcast episode, Yessenia Martinez (She/Her) sits down to pick the brains of the incredible Marlon Opigo...

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Generative AI with Martin Rückert, Chief AI Officer at Diamant Software GmbH

In this episode, Luchele Mendes was joined by Martin Rückert, Chief AI Officer at Diamant Software GmbH. Martin is Chief AI Officer at Diamant Software, a leading software company for accounting an...

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Feedback Revolution: Unleashing the Power of User-Centric Investment with Julia Kruslin

​Luchele sits down with Julia Kruslin, co-founder of beatvest, to discuss the conversation around the 'Feedback Revolution.' Julia is the co-founder of beatvest, an investment app that helps beginn...

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From Mumbai to Dusseldorf: A Female COO's Journey to Championing Diversity of Thought

​In the latest episode of SODA Social, Luchele had the pleasure of interviewing Diya Roychowdhury, COO at Taplasolutions. Diya brings over 14 years of experience in enabling teams and organizations...

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Diversity in Tech: Is Age Inclusivity The Final Frontier?

​Listen to our latest SODA Social conversation, hosted by Harry Murray. In this episode, we explored Product and Ageism in technology with Kavya Kaushik. Kav is The Joy Club's Head of Product. She ...

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The Discipline of Long Distance Running for AI Excellency with Stefanos Christoforou

​In this episode, Luchele Mendes chats with Stefanos Christoforou about AI Excellency.  Stefanos is co-founder and CTO, a Berlin-based company which transforms the way recruitment is...

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Episode 22 - Exploring the Tech Landscape of Africa with Dr. Mulang’ Onando

​In this episode, Luchele and Dr. Mulang' Orando discuss the rise of the tech landscape in Africa, and the opportunities this can provide for data and AI specialists.  Dr. Mulang’ is also passionat...

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Computer Vision in Production: Kevin McNamara

​Kevin is the founder and CEO of Parallel Domain. He brings deep computer graphics experience having built and led a team within Apple's Special Projects Group focused on autonomous systems simulat...

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Podcast Episode #21: Psychedelics: Consciousness Shifting Technology for Pioneering Leaders? A Conversation with Dmitrij Achelrod, Co-CEO of Evolute Institute

​Our latest podcast features the fabulous Dr. Dmitrij Achelrod (PhD). Dmitrij is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of the Evolute Institute. His personal journey of transformation was catalyzed by an unexp...

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Computer Vision in Production: Thibaut Lucas

Thibaut is a 26-year-old engineer who co-founded and co-built the first CVOps platform out there. Passionate about computer vision and the future of AI, dedicated to helping companies to grow their...

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Podcast Episode #20 - Using Data to Empower People and Workforces with Lina Yassin

​Take a listen to our last SODA Social podcast. At SODA, our aim is to empower and bring together a diverse community that represents the digital world. We strive to innovate, educate and inspire f...

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From Data Annotation to Productionisation: Expert Advice to Kickstart Your Machine Learning Career

​Check out our latest SODA Social episode featuring the wonderful Camille van Hoffelen.  Camille is the co-founder of Watergenics, where he builds a sustainable future for our Blue Planet. He gradu...

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Podcast Episode #18: The Future of Women in Data Science with Selma Hadzic

​What will the future bring for women in data science? Take a listen to our latest SODA Social podcast episode featuring Selma Hadzic. Selma is a senior data science manager/tech lead with 10 years...

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Podcast Episode #17 - Microdosing & NLP - A conversation with Sam Becht on Pyschedelics & AI

Take a listen to our latest SODA Social podcast episode featuring Sam Becht.Sam is one of the founders of Deliqs, where he is setting up a digital ecosystem for psychedelic care and research. With ...

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Computer Vision in Production: Damla Gorur

​Damla is a venture development enthusiast, as well as passionate about strategy & solutions consulting. Keen on building businesses with change, innovation and a sustainability-driven mindset. Dam...

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Podcast Episode #16 - Driving Healthcare Innovation Through Human Computer Interaction with Julia Hoxta

Take a listen to our latest SODA Social podcast episode featuring Julia Hoxha. Julia is co-founder and CEO of Zana, a German company developing Conversational and Voice-AI solutions for healthcare....

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Podcast Episode #15 - It's Time to Close the Gender Gap

​This panel discussion is a pre-recorded webinar, but we felt the content was so impactful, we decided to share it with our podcast listeners. Our SODA Social community came together for our webina...

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Episode11 Naturallanguageprocessingandaiwithduyg

Podcast Episode 11 – Natural Language Processing and AI with Duygu Altinok

​Duygu Altinok is a senior NLP (natural language processing) engineer with 12 years of experience in almost all areas of NLP including search engine technology, speech recognition, text analytics a...

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