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Data Decoded: Exploring Tech's Top Careers

​Data. It's everywhere, from your Spotify playlists to the traffic lights on your commute. But who makes sense of it all?Tech companies are swimming in data, and they need talented professionals to...

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Overcoming Germany's Digitalisation Gap

​Is German digitalisation in need of a reboot? Despite boasting the third-largest economy in the world, a thriving industry 4.0 market, and an innovation-rich startup scene, Germany’s digital lag t...

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Beyond Hiring: What is Community-Led Recruitment?

As tech skill shortages reach record heights, traditional recruitment models fail to keep pace with the demand for talent.The German tech market is a prime example, a thriving, innovation-rich hub ...

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Exploring Swiss Tech Hubs: A Magnet for Talent

Switzerland’s tech hubs are a prime destination for Europe’s top talent, boasting high growth rates, excellent standards of living, and innovation in abundance.As the chronic skill shortage rages o...

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The Responsible Business Initiative Revisited: A New Era for Corporate Accountability?

​After being rejected at the ballot box back in 2020, Switzerland’s Responsible Business Initiative (RBI) is finally making a resurgence.The original initiative, designed to improve Switzerland’s c...

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Tech Tips 101: Navigating Scaling Setbacks

The tech space is a reliable source of mind-bending innovations. From nanosatellites to surgical robotics, we’ve seen plenty of promise in the last few years alone.Taking any great idea from the la...

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Beyond the Buzz – Demystifying AI’s Role in Modern Business

Has the AI megahype reached its apex? Probably not. Is it sapping our will to stay awake? Probably. However you might feel about the meteoric/rapid/supercharged rise of AI, it’s clear that the busi...

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Improving Observability in US Tech: Moving the Dial in DevOps

Great DevOps teams find new ways to close gaps in dynamic, ever-changing work environments. Whether that’s the gap between performance and reliability or development and operations, DevOps is in a ...

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Hidden Gems – Unconventional Avenues for Careers in Tech

​As the tech takeover continues, now’s the perfect time for job seekers to explore the road less travelled. Vacancies for tech roles are popping up in unfamiliar territories, representing a wealth ...

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How to Recruit More Women in Tech: Top Tips for Swiss Businesses

A slew of landmark rulings are poised to improve gender representation across the EU, but are Switzerland’s tech leaders equipped to embed sustainable change?Whilst representation has improved in m...

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Talent Beyond Borders: Overcoming Barriers for Remote Sourcing Success

​In their never-ending quest for talent, tech companies are increasingly turning their attention towards international candidates – whether they’re outsourcing entire functions or bringing new hire...

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What's in and What's Out? Tech Trends 2024

Calling all tech devotees – 2024 is poised to be a year of change and transformation in the world’s most innovative industry.The recruiters at Trust in SODA have put together a list of the top tren...

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Is D&I Becoming a Tick-Box Exercise?

​2024 looks set to be a cardinal milestone for diversity and inclusion – are tech leaders equipped to approach it from the right direction?For a space defined by its innovation and forward-thinking...

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What's with the Influx of Fake Tech Candidates?

Tech’s talent market has reached an apex of competitiveness. Between the advent of transformative technological advancement and a slowing global economy (although 2024 began more positively than ex...

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2024 Incoming: What’s next for DevOps?

​Between cultural paradigm shifts and ever more complex tech, it’s been a busy decade for DevOps. Once a remedy to the unchecked dysfunction of the mid-2000s tech teams, DevOps is evolving, giving ...

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Are Tech Jobs Creative?

​It’s time for some myth-busting! Tech jobs aren’t all about number crunching, it’s a dynamic industry, and it’s home to plenty of the world’s most creative roles (it created a fair number of them ...

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The Swiss Cloud Boom – Uncovering Tech Opportunities

Often hailed as the world’s sustainability champion, Switzerland’s tech industry is, in many ways, leading the charge when it comes to climate innovation. The sustainable FinTech space is a prime e...

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Closing the Gender Gap: The Key to Switzerland's Tech Triumphs

Switzerland topped the world rankings for women’s rights back in 2019, a remarkable feat of progression considering the nation had legalised women’s suffrage just 41 years earlier.Despite a turbule...

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UX Design: An Opportunity-Rich Landscape

​The world’s UX designers are poised for a bright future. Between rising role demand, astonishing new tech tools, and widespread digital transformation, there’s no shortage of fulfilling opportunit...

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Making the Pivot into Tech

It’s never too late to make the pivot into tech. The industry is changing, and so are the routes people take to get there. From bootcamp graduates to self-trained software engineering extraordinair...

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