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Case Study - Meta

​OverviewAs one of the world’s premier innovators, Meta recruits a wide variety of tech professionals, leveraging a range of skill sets to deliver consistent value to its customers. From software e...

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Tech Trends 2024: Inside the Cloud Exodus

The cloud exodus – while it might not warrant ‘the great’ quite yet, a recent trend of repatriation (companies backing out of the cloud in favour on-site infrastructures) has emerged. Given the wid...

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Data Decoded: Exploring Tech's Top Careers

​Data. It's everywhere, from your Spotify playlists to the traffic lights on your commute. But who makes sense of it all?Tech companies are swimming in data, and they need talented professionals to...

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Overcoming Germany's Digitalisation Gap

​Is German digitalisation in need of a reboot? Despite boasting the third-largest economy in the world, a thriving industry 4.0 market, and an innovation-rich startup scene, Germany’s digital lag t...

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Beyond Hiring: What is Community-Led Recruitment?

As tech skill shortages reach record heights, traditional recruitment models fail to keep pace with the demand for talent.The German tech market is a prime example, a thriving, innovation-rich hub ...

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