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Psychological Safety and Software Engineering

No idea is too ridiculous. In the world of software engineering, the freedom to fail (and the freedom to learn quickly) creates a culture of constant innovation – how do we build a working environm...

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Hiring Software Engineers? Here's How to Assess Their Soft Skills

​Despite how they might appear to the onlooker, software engineering jobs aren’t all about cold calculations and endless number vacuums – the modern engineer utilizes a range of (for want of a bett...

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How to be a Better Tech Mentor

​Technology’s unparalleled reach is home to countless career opportunities, many of them hidden from view. When you stay in your lane, it’s hard to see the possibilities on either side of you. Part...

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Trust in SODA x Capgemini: Case Study

OverviewFor over 50 years, Capgemini has been delivering transformative business solutions to its clients through the power of leading-edge tech, industry expertise, and a highly talented workforce...

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