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Women In Dev Ops Meetup
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Women in DevOps Meetup

​We had yet another thought-provoking, interactive panel discussion last night at our women in DevOps Meetup!

With an amazing turnout, our panel shared their thoughts with our community on diversity in tech (particularly focusing on communication), scale-ups of junior software engineers, vulnerability, underrepresentation of women in technology and how to overcome being an ‘only…’ in the workplace.

Gabrielle Anderson from Google, who has a PhD in philosophy and computer science, left us truly inspired; “Don’t panic during an emergency, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy it”. “It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure psychological safety, for the team to understand how we can get the website back up and running together as unit.” – Susie Coleman, Senior Software Engineer for the BBC.

Once again, we truly appreciate the contribution and support from our community and want to thank you for joining us last night. Also, a huge shout-out to Conde Nast for hosting us!

Last but not least, the question we were all waiting for - would you choose to fight 100 duck-sized microaggressions from your colleagues or fight 1 horse-sized toxic senior manager? Tell us your thoughts!