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Building an Inclusive Working Future with Marlon Opigo

​"I've always had this curiosity about 'how can we do more?'" 🚀 🌈 ✨In our latest SODA Social podcast episode, Yessenia Martinez (She/Her) sits down to pick the brains of the incredible Marlon Opigo...

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The Swiss Cloud Boom – Uncovering Tech Opportunities

Often hailed as the world’s sustainability champion, Switzerland’s tech industry is, in many ways, leading the charge when it comes to climate innovation. The sustainable FinTech space is a prime e...

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Closing the Gender Gap: The Key to Switzerland's Tech Triumphs

Switzerland topped the world rankings for women’s rights back in 2019, a remarkable feat of progression considering the nation had legalised women’s suffrage just 41 years earlier.Despite a turbule...

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UX Design: An Opportunity-Rich Landscape

​The world’s UX designers are poised for a bright future. Between rising role demand, astonishing new tech tools, and widespread digital transformation, there’s no shortage of fulfilling opportunit...

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Making the Pivot into Tech

It’s never too late to make the pivot into tech. The industry is changing, and so are the routes people take to get there. From bootcamp graduates to self-trained software engineering extraordinair...

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