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Trials, tribulations and triumphs of Women in DevOps

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Trials, tribulations and triumphs of Women in DevOps

​With guest speakers from the BBC and N26 it’s going to be a good one! We'd just like to say thank you to our attendees, our inspiring speakers, and our hosts, Sainsbury's for another successful evening. The night was eye-opening, with discussions on our speakers technical experiences and experiences as a women in the tech industry. Take our event survey to let us know how we are doing:

In conclusion a balanced and diverse workforce drives innovation, and we believe businesses need to do more than attract and retain women into their communities, we exist to bridge that gap. To help us, help you we have been conducting research we hope to address the issues facing the technology space with a specific interest in equality, diversity and inclusion. Follow the link below to take our short survey:

We hope to see you all soon.