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Exploring Swiss Tech Hubs: A Magnet for Talent

Switzerland’s tech hubs are a prime destination for Europe’s top talent, boasting high growth rates, excellent standards of living, and innovation in abundance.As the chronic skill shortage rages o...

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Talent Trends and Challenges in Switzerland’s AI Market

​Switzerland's AI innovation efforts have soared to new heights, fueled by a thriving startup ecosystem, esteemed universities, and a balanced regulatory environment. Spearheaded by institutions li...

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The Responsible Business Initiative Revisited: A New Era for Corporate Accountability?

​After being rejected at the ballot box back in 2020, Switzerland’s Responsible Business Initiative (RBI) is finally making a resurgence.The original initiative, designed to improve Switzerland’s c...

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Navigating Change and Transformation in the Swiss Tech Market

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The accelerating pace of digital transformation is challenging Switzerland's renowned market resilience, underscoring the critical need for organizational agility. Despite Switzerland...

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Inside the Swiss Financial Talent Market

​Switzerland's banking ecosystem, famed for private banking and wealth management, showcases remarkable adaptability, exemplified by UBS's recent takeover of Credit Suisse, lauded as the 'deal of t...

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How to Recruit More Women in Tech: Top Tips for Swiss Businesses

A slew of landmark rulings are poised to improve gender representation across the EU, but are Switzerland’s tech leaders equipped to embed sustainable change?Whilst representation has improved in m...

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Talent Beyond Borders: Overcoming Barriers for Remote Sourcing Success

​In their never-ending quest for talent, tech companies are increasingly turning their attention towards international candidates – whether they’re outsourcing entire functions or bringing new hire...

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