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Women In Devops Meets Los Angeles

Women in DevOps meets Los Angeles

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Women in DevOps meets Los Angeles

​We held our first American meetup at Google’s offices to discuss how we can tackle the gender DevOps gap in California.

Last week on the sunny coast of Silicon Beach we launched ourWomen in DevOpsLA debut atGoogle’s offices. Los Angeles, known for its hot tech scene; filled with a flourishing hub of innovative companies and tech leaders enabled us to discuss how we can tackle the gender DevOps gap in California.

The evening saw two interesting talks, one from Moran, an SRE at Google who discussed how to ‘hope for the best, and prepare for the worst as SRE at Google. Rema, a Software Engineering Director at Fandango discussed ‘preparing for holiday season, and fixing issues vs scaling to mitigate’. Our panel then discussed a variety of topics, including challenges they faced whilst building diverse teams, views of how employers can support parents in the workplace. We also dived in on how to tackle imposter syndrome, how to encourage the younger generation to get into tech and how we are all responsible for driving diversity and inclusion in technology.

How diverse is the LA tech scene? We believe the current technological landscape is thriving. But there is still a way to go, but collaboration enables us to fight for change, empower one another and improve diversity in technology. Join our movement and get involved, engaged and empowered: