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Embracing Change in Tech: Finding Your Next Role

Adaptability is key in a leaner, greener, AI-enabled tech industry. Layoffs are down, salaries are resetting, and resignation month is right around the corner – if you’re hoping to make the leap to...

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Episode 33: Blowback, Business, and No-Nonsense Leadership, with Andrew Holmes

​Episode 33! SODA’s Managing Director, Oliver Perry, caught up with the insightful Andrew Holmes, author, management consultant, business partner, humourist – the list goes on. Tune in to hear all ...

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Valuation Matters: Inside the Digital Transformation Landscape

​M&A activity is on the up in the UK and the US, surging by 59% and 64% respectively in 2024. It’s largely thanks to a stabilising market, increasing risk appetite, and a focus shift toward operati...

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Exploring Future-Proof Tech Roles

​Are future-proof jobs a myth? Probably. Is the working world in a constant state of transition? Definitely. Building an adaptable skill set is the key to traversing today’s fast-changing tech land...

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Why Tech Contractors Choose Germany

​As hiring budgets freeze in the face of uncertainty, the world’s labour markets are facing off against subdued growth, skill gaps, and for some German companies, industrial stagnation.This has cat...

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Top Tech Skills to Watch in 2024

Hoping to future-proof your career in a fast-changing tech world? Now’s the perfect time – not only are upskilling opportunities more accessible than ever, but also the global tech market is desper...

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