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Security In Dev Ops Global Edition

Security in DevOps: global edition

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Security in DevOps: global edition

​We were thrilled to see such a diverse group of attendees at last night’s event, from South Africa, San Francisco and Los Angeles, to Germany, Edinburgh, Dublin and London; it was a real treat to have you in our company yesterday evening.

We discussed the relatively new term DevSecOps in depth; from this idea of ‘shifting left’ and how stakeholders and organisations may respond, as well as where the responsibility lies for a more secure landscape, and what exactly the future could look like.

We’d like to thank our speakers for a truly gripping and thought-provoking conversation that helped us understand the true value behind security, and what we can do to build a security-driven future. We’d also like to thank our community for attending and engaging with us for another truly inspiring webinar. Together we can amplify the voices of women and all minority groups to create positive change. Join our global movement on

For those that missed the discussion, you can find the video footage here:

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