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Episode 22 - Exploring the Tech Landscape of Africa with Dr. Mulang’ Onando

​In this episode, Luchele and Dr. Mulang' Orando discuss the rise of the tech landscape in Africa, and the opportunities this can provide for data and AI specialists.  Dr. Mulang’ is also passionat...

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Computer Vision in Production: Kevin McNamara

​Kevin is the founder and CEO of Parallel Domain. He brings deep computer graphics experience having built and led a team within Apple's Special Projects Group focused on autonomous systems simulat...

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Download our free white paper, 'Like, Share, Follow: Repeat - Marketing Trends in 2023.'

​Our Marketing Trends in 2023 white paper is now available to download. From the TikTok takeover to the mysteries of the Metaverse, SODA Social teamed up with LinkedIn to explore the biggest trends...

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Our Thoughts on the IR35 Rule

​Mini-budgets, U-turns, and a large helping of dashed hope – it’s been a busy old time for the world of contract work, and for many, an incredibly disappointing one too. The repeal of the IR35 rul...

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Our 2023 Salary Guide is Here!

The latest Trust in SODA Salary Guide is here! From pay scales to the latest updates on industry trends from our recruitment experts, check out our comprehensive report for first-hand insight into ...

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Mass Layoffs: What do They Mean for Your Tech Jobs?

​‘Don’t panic’ has been the general advice for those affected by the panic-inducing layoffs in big tech, and while it’s a common soundbite, it carries a great deal weight – U.S. tech salaries are a...

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SODA's CTO Roundtable at Coq D'Argent

Our SODA Squad members Sam Taylor, Megan Wood, Jack Herbert, and Alfie Rice sat down for lunch with Efua Akumanyi, David Crawford, Charlie Perrins, Víctor Moreno Alhambra  🏳️‍🌈and Mykolas Sirius to...

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Will ChatGPT Change the Way We Work?

The AI revolution is certainly here, but it’s not the Matrix-esque uprising we once envisioned. Far from pop culture’s dreary post-apocalyptic wastelands, A.I. is reshaping the world, and with it, ...

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