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Ri Swomen

Women's Month: Meet Selma Hadzic

To celebrate women's month, we are sharing some of our inspirational community members here at SODA. Meet Selma Hadzic. Selma is a data tech lead freelancer with 10 years of experience building end...

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Tech's Back to Work Battle

​The back-to-work battle between employer and employee rages quietly on, and recruiters everywhere are trapped somewhere in the middle. Dismissively named by some as a ‘habit’ from the lockdown era...

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Podcast   Cvip Visuals

Computer Vision in Production: Kevin McNamara

​Kevin is the founder and CEO of Parallel Domain. He brings deep computer graphics experience having built and led a team within Apple's Special Projects Group focused on autonomous systems simulat...

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Our Thoughts on the IR35 Rule

​Mini-budgets, U-turns, and a large helping of dashed hope – it’s been a busy old time for the world of contract work, and for many, an incredibly disappointing one too. The repeal of the IR35 rul...

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Will ChatGPT Change the Way We Work?

The AI revolution is certainly here, but it’s not the Matrix-esque uprising we once envisioned. Far from pop culture’s dreary post-apocalyptic wastelands, A.I. is reshaping the world, and with it, ...

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Podcast   Cvip Visuals Copy

Computer Vision in Production: Thibaut Lucas

Thibaut is a 26-year-old engineer who co-founded and co-built the first CVOps platform out there. Passionate about computer vision and the future of AI, dedicated to helping companies to grow their...

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From Data Annotation to Productionisation: Expert Advice to Kickstart Your Machine Learning Career

​Check out our latest SODA Social episode featuring the wonderful Camille van Hoffelen.  Camille is the co-founder of Watergenics, where he builds a sustainable future for our Blue Planet. He gradu...

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How to Land the Dream Tech Job

​The tech world is fascinating, competitive, fast-paced, and laden with opportunities. Combine this with high base salaries and a chance to work at the cutting-edge of innovation, and you’ve got an...

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Podcast   Soda Social Visuals Sam Brecht

Podcast Episode #17 - Microdosing & NLP - A conversation with Sam Becht on Pyschedelics & AI

Take a listen to our latest SODA Social podcast episode featuring Sam Becht.Sam is one of the founders of Deliqs, where he is setting up a digital ecosystem for psychedelic care and research. With ...

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Computer Vision in Production: Damla Gorur

​Damla is a venture development enthusiast, as well as passionate about strategy & solutions consulting. Keen on building businesses with change, innovation and a sustainability-driven mindset. Dam...

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Luchele Mendes Juliapodcast

Podcast Episode #16 - Driving Healthcare Innovation Through Human Computer Interaction with Julia Hoxta

Take a listen to our latest SODA Social podcast episode featuring Julia Hoxha. Julia is co-founder and CEO of Zana, a German company developing Conversational and Voice-AI solutions for healthcare....

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Episode11 Naturallanguageprocessingandaiwithduyg

Podcast Episode 11 – Natural Language Processing and AI with Duygu Altinok

​Duygu Altinok is a senior NLP (natural language processing) engineer with 12 years of experience in almost all areas of NLP including search engine technology, speech recognition, text analytics a...

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Download our free white paper, ‘diversity in data.'

​On 4th March, we hosted our SODA Social webinar, ‘diversity in data.’ It’s now widely agreed across the data and tech world that diversity, equity and inclusion can increase innovation, improve th...

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Download Our Free White Paper Computer Vision In Production

Download our free white paper, ‘computer vision in production.’

​Talks focused heavily on the future of computer vision, with the industry alone anticipated to be worth $28 billion dollars by 2030.Download our latest FREE white paper titled ‘Computer Vision in ...

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An Interview With Ivana Bartolettitechnical Director At Deloitte

An interview with Ivana Bartoletti, technical director at Deloitte.

​Ivana Bartoletti has established herself as a powerful force within the technical landscape; from starting her career journey in politics, she eventually fell into technology due to the unlikely s...

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All about AI – with Robert Elliott Smith

We had the opportunity to virtually sit down with Robert Elliot Smith – an expert in AI and machine learning with over 30 years’ experience. Robert spoke to us about what the term ‘AI’ truly means,...

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Sodaicomputer Vision In Production Computer Vision in Production

​Our SODA Social community united to talk about the prevalent topic of computer vision in production, as part of our new SOD.AI series. Talks focussed heavily on the future of computer vision, with...

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