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​Our SODA Social community united to talk about the prevalent topic of computer vision in production, as part of our new SOD.AI series. Talks focussed heavily on the future of computer vision, with the industry alone anticipated to be worth $28 billion dollars by 2030. We explored why our panel use computer vision, as well as what computer applications they are currently using; we analysed when exactly machine learning will ‘stop’ and whether it will be ever be restricted. We'd like to thank our fantastic audience and fabulous panel for all their insights, ideas and theories.

Our Panel Included:
- Anthony Kelly - Computer vision & AI recruiter (Chair and Host)
- Naja Von Schmude - CTO and Founder of Peregrine technologies
- Furqan Ullah – Computer Vision Scientist at X-Ray LAB
- Evgenii Koriagin – Research Engineer at Zalando
- Deepthi Sreenivasaiah – Machine Learning Engineer at Merantix

If you missed the webinar, you watch it here: