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SODA Social Webinar #17 - Pride in Tech: Future of Tech Employee Activism

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SODA Social Webinar #17 - Pride in Tech: Future of Tech Employee Activism

On Tuesday 28th June, our SODA Social community came together for our most recent webinar session, ‘Pride in Tech: Future of Tech Employee Activism.’​

The discussion delved into an array of topics and insights, which included: 

  • Pride is about belonging and recognising we are all human  

  • The importance of being your true self at work and creating a sense of freedom for an individual 

  • Collective activism and emphasis on ‘walking the walk’  

  • From volunteering to company policy making: ensuring Pride is considered all-year-round

  • Tech’s supply and demand issue, and why this is good news for LGBTQIA+ members  

  • Removing biases to attract diverse top talent  

  • Social media’s role in collective activism  

  • Be loud – share your opinion and engage with the conversation 

  • Pride month meaning: celebration or political revolution?  

From all at SODA Social, we’d like to thank our amazing panel Emre Celik, Víctor Moreno Alhambra and Alex Reemet for their sharp and thought-provoking insights during the discussion, and to our global audience, many of whom joined us for our virtual networking session. 

Missed the webinar? We’ve got you covered – catch up on the video footage below.