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Black History Month 2021proud To Be – Flore Onasanya

Black History Month 2021: proud to be – Flore Onasanya

As recruiters, we have the ability to inspire change in the workplace and in society, and this is what we do. We interviewed our black colleagues across the UK on what they are ‘proud to be’ to com...

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Black History Month 2021 Proud To Be Sibangani Tayerera

Black History Month 2021: proud to be – Sibangani Tayerera

​At Trust in Soda, which is part of Trinnovo Group, our mission is to build diversity, create inclusion and encourage workplace innovation. As recruiters, we have the ability to inspire change in t...

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SODA Social webinar #11 – Pride in Tech: amplifying the voices of the LGBTQIA+ community

​Our first virtual pride in tech panel discussion took place in a forward-thinking debate that uncovered companies that are bringing LGBTQIA+ visibility to technological innovation. Our panel discu...

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Sodaicomputer Vision In Production 2 Computer vision in production 2.0

Our soda social community came together for our latest webinar ‘computer vision in production 2.0,’ as part of our series.The webinar was fuelled with interesting topics of discussion; from ...

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Sodaicomputer Vision In Production Computer Vision in Production

​Our SODA Social community united to talk about the prevalent topic of computer vision in production, as part of our new SOD.AI series. Talks focussed heavily on the future of computer vision, with...

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Ethics Of Ai

Ethics of AI

We’ve seen the application of AI in real life such as Facebook and autonomous cars. For the first time, humanity is creating technology that can develop itself. We will be discussing and debating w...

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How To Design At Scale

How to design at scale – Brian Flanagan – Expedia

​Our speakers for the evening were Ted speaker, ex-Googler and now product design manager at Facebook Jonah Jones confirmed and global product director Brian Flanagan from Expedia.Jonah discussed h...

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