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Recap – SODA social webinar #15 – Climate Tech: A Green Future

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Recap – SODA social webinar #15 – Climate Tech: A Green Future

​This Earth Day 2022, we were joined by a forward-thinking panel of experts who explored emerging technologies, start-ups, and technological solutions that are tackling the climate crisis for a green future.

The world is feeling the impact of the climate crisis. Destructive wildfires take over Australia and California, severe flooding in Western Europe, glaciers melting at accelerating rates and devastating droughts in Eastern Africa. There is an increased demand for innovation in technology, and drastic action to fight climate change.

Discussion points:

  • Human-induced warming right now has reached about 1.1 degrees above preindustrial levels

  • The protection of human lives is at risk

  • It's not always the big global changes that can make the most impact

  • An impactful network based on trust is key to building a solution

  • Transparency is key to overcoming ‘greenwashing’

  • We need to educate and translate the climate change risk efficiently

  • Climate protection has evolved into aiming for a sustainable climate-adapted future for our planet

Watch the video footage here: