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Exploring Swiss Tech Hubs: A Magnet for Talent

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Exploring Swiss Tech Hubs: A Magnet for Talent

Switzerland’s tech hubs are a prime destination for Europe’s top talent, boasting high growth rates, excellent standards of living, and innovation in abundance.

As the chronic skill shortage rages on, Swiss tech is doubling down on international candidates. If you’re hoping to make a career move any time soon, it’s worth taking a closer look at where the action is. Our specialist recruitment consultants have put together a snapshot of what to expect below.


Zurich, Switzerland’s financial capital, is also a leading tech hub. As a home to over 671 startups representing 36% of the country’s entire startup population, Zurich’s diverse tech scene is booming. It’s not just a thriving startup ecosystem either – tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Logitech, Swisscom, IBM, and Amazon have a strong presence there.

Alongside its high quality of life and stunning vistas, Zurich’s tech salaries are among the highest in Europe. According to data from Glassdoor, the average salary for software engineering jobs in Zurich is CHF 110,000, rising to CHF 2,359,724 at the senior end.

Given the high rate of academic collaboration (particularly with ETH Zurich), demand for niche skills, fast-moving startup space, and diverse range of language requirements,  the job market is highly competitive.

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Bern has a long lineage of game-changing innovation. From the E=MC2 patent to the Large Hadron Collider, Bern is no stranger to transformative discovery and technological excellence.

A collaborative ecosystem supports business all over the innovation-rich canton, a large driver behind the burgeoning medtech space.

Alongside Medtech and Fintech, Bern is home to a thriving Cleantech sector. Switzerland, and Bern in particular, is a global leader in sustainability.

Bern is one of Europe’s best cities for those wishing to develop a meaningful career in practically any facet of technology.

With the recent push for digitalisation, cloud and infrastructure jobs are in high demand. These jobs are typically high-paying, designed for constant upskilling, and full of opportunities to diversify. In Bern, the average salary for a cloud engineer is CHF 107,906 (according to Glassdoor).

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The picturesque canton of Zug is a hotspot of tech innovation, ranking number one in the world on CoinDesk’s 15 Best Places to Live Freely and Work Smart (2023).

Zug is more than a world leader in crypto – it’s home to some megalithic biotechs, including Biogen and Janssen.

As one of the fastest-growing tech communities in Europe, tech fanatics will find plenty of opportunities to network with thought leaders, uncover access to opportunities, and attend a wealth of renowned events.

Low tax rates (the lowest in Switzerland), an influx of businesses and breathtaking natural beauty make Zug a popular destination for those wishing to relocate.

Zug is also the location for Trust in SODA’s European hub, so we have a strong network throughout the area. If you’re interested in connecting with the brightest minds in tech, our Swiss team has you covered. Find them here: