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Data Decoded: Exploring Tech's Top Careers

​Data. It's everywhere, from your Spotify playlists to the traffic lights on your commute. But who makes sense of it all?Tech companies are swimming in data, and they need talented professionals to...

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Tech's Role in the ESG Revolution

​Tech’s Role in the ESG RevolutionESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) investment has swollen to record heights as much of the business world continues the shift towards a stakeholder-centric ou...

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Podcast Episode #20 - Using Data to Empower People and Workforces with Lina Yassin

​Take a listen to our last SODA Social podcast. At SODA, our aim is to empower and bring together a diverse community that represents the digital world. We strive to innovate, educate and inspire f...

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Episode11 Naturallanguageprocessingandaiwithduyg

Podcast Episode 11 – Natural Language Processing and AI with Duygu Altinok

​Duygu Altinok is a senior NLP (natural language processing) engineer with 12 years of experience in almost all areas of NLP including search engine technology, speech recognition, text analytics a...

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Download our free white paper, ‘diversity in data.'

​On 4th March, we hosted our SODA Social webinar, ‘diversity in data.’ It’s now widely agreed across the data and tech world that diversity, equity and inclusion can increase innovation, improve th...

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Podcast Episodethe Politics Of Data With Ivana Bartoletti

Podcast Episode 4 – the politics of data with Ivana Bartoletti

​We interviewed the Ivana Bartoletti a technical director at Deloitte, visiting policy fellow at Oxford University and co-founder of women leading in AI network. Ivana Bartoletti has established he...

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5reasonswhydiversityindatamatters Blogvisual

5 reasons why diversity in data matters

​Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policies are steering the future for businesses, providing equal opportunity, better results and room for innovation.In 2014, Google released its first divers...

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Download Our Free White Paper Computer Vision In Production

Download our free white paper, ‘computer vision in production.’

​Talks focused heavily on the future of computer vision, with the industry alone anticipated to be worth $28 billion dollars by 2030.Download our latest FREE white paper titled ‘Computer Vision in ...

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An Interview With Ivana Bartolettitechnical Director At Deloitte

An interview with Ivana Bartoletti, technical director at Deloitte.

​Ivana Bartoletti has established herself as a powerful force within the technical landscape; from starting her career journey in politics, she eventually fell into technology due to the unlikely s...

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All about AI – with Robert Elliott Smith

We had the opportunity to virtually sit down with Robert Elliot Smith – an expert in AI and machine learning with over 30 years’ experience. Robert spoke to us about what the term ‘AI’ truly means,...

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Podcast Episode 2 Sodaaiseries Machine Learning Autonomous Cars With Alexander Gechis

Podcast episode 2 – series: machine learning & autonomous cars with Alexander Gechis

​Alexander is a perception lead at Kopernikus automotive GmbH. He started his career as a software test engineer and worked in a big variety of fields primarily related to machine learning topic li...

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Data Leaders Insightsrob Kellaway Former Head Of Data Engineering With Hsbc And Nationwide Building Society

Data leaders’ insights: Rob Kellaway, former head of data engineering with HSBC and Nationwide Building Society

​Rob boasts a career within technology and data spanning over 20 years and during this time has led data engineering teams on some of the UK’s largest and most complex programmes and transformation...

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Data Leaders Insights Torq Pagdindirector Of Data Engineering At Expedia

Data leaders’ insights: Torq Pagdin, director of data engineering at Expedia

​Torq Pagdin is the Director of Data Engineering at Expedia, where he leads a world-class team of 90 engineers and developers based across multiple territories; UK, Eastern Europe, and India. Torq ...

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Artificial intelligence – friend or foe?

​We interviewed Samuel Rowe. Samuel Rowe is a Research and Policy Executive at Yoti. He spends his time developing innovative policy in response to complex domestic and international regulatory fra...

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Data Leaders Insights Julian Elliott

Data leaders’ insights: Julian Elliott

​The first person to take part in our thought leadership series is Julian Elliott. Julian is a Chief Data Officer with a demonstrable track record of delivering data-driven transformation projects ...

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Soda Socialai A Brief History Of Tomorrow

SODA Social – AI: A brief history of tomorrow

​A core part of AI is to create technology that can help machines mimic the human ability to perceive the world around us.By 2025, 95% of customer interactions will take place via bots. From AI app...

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Download Our Soda Socialthe Rise Of Aiarticle

Download our soda social ‘the rise of AI’ article

​AI has made a global impact, with ground-breaking developments taking place all over the planet. People are concerned about Terminator-style Robot Wars. AI has made a global impact, with ground-br...

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Soda Social Smarter Than Usthe Rise Of Ai For Good

Soda social – smarter than us: the rise of AI for good

​Last night our soda social touched upon trusted values, audit algorithms, regulation and transparency to explore the rise of AI. We want to thank our panel speakers and community who engaged with ...

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Ethics of AI panel discussion full video

​We’ve seen the application of AI in real life such as Facebook and autonomous cars. For the first time, humanity is creating technology that can develop itself. We discussed and debated whether or...

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Ethics Of Ai

Ethics of AI

We’ve seen the application of AI in real life such as Facebook and autonomous cars. For the first time, humanity is creating technology that can develop itself. We will be discussing and debating w...

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