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Hidden Gems – Unconventional Avenues for Careers in Tech

​As the tech takeover continues, now’s the perfect time for job seekers to explore the road less travelled. Vacancies for tech roles are popping up in unfamiliar territories, representing a wealth ...

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What's in and What's Out? Tech Trends 2024

Calling all tech devotees – 2024 is poised to be a year of change and transformation in the world’s most innovative industry.The recruiters at Trust in SODA have put together a list of the top tren...

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The Swiss Cloud Boom – Uncovering Tech Opportunities

Often hailed as the world’s sustainability champion, Switzerland’s tech industry is, in many ways, leading the charge when it comes to climate innovation. The sustainable FinTech space is a prime e...

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Making the Pivot into Tech

It’s never too late to make the pivot into tech. The industry is changing, and so are the routes people take to get there. From bootcamp graduates to self-trained software engineering extraordinair...

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What's Next for FoodTech?

The future of FoodTech is bright. Housing many of the most impactful careers in tech, the Food Technology market is backed to reach an estimated $360.19 billion by 2028, a 28% increase from 2022.De...

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Hacking the Job Market: Self-Taught Engineers Leading the Way

There’s more than one route into tech (as most self-taught engineers can attest to), and it’s changing the shape of the industry for good. Persistently pesky skill gaps and sparse talent pools are ...

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Is Ethical A.I. Achievable?

Ethics in AI is shaping up to be one of the most complex tech challenges of the modern era. From in-built bias to job displacement and data privacy, are there too many pitfalls to contend with? And...

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Trust in SODA's Green Tech Snapshot 2023

Can tech turn us green? The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that an additional 13 million workers will be employed in clean energy and related sectors by as early as 2030.Largely charac...

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Psychological Safety and Software Engineering

No idea is too ridiculous. In the world of software engineering, the freedom to fail (and the freedom to learn quickly) creates a culture of constant innovation – how do we build a working environm...

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Hiring Software Engineers? Here's How to Assess Their Soft Skills

​Despite how they might appear to the onlooker, software engineering jobs aren’t all about cold calculations and endless number vacuums – the modern engineer utilizes a range of (for want of a bett...

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How to be a Better Tech Mentor

​Technology’s unparalleled reach is home to countless career opportunities, many of them hidden from view. When you stay in your lane, it’s hard to see the possibilities on either side of you. Part...

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Trust in SODA x Capgemini: Case Study

OverviewFor over 50 years, Capgemini has been delivering transformative business solutions to its clients through the power of leading-edge tech, industry expertise, and a highly talented workforce...

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Download Our Free White Paper, The Journey Transforming Software Engineers Into Leaders

Download our free white paper, ‘the journey: transforming software engineers into leaders.’

​We partnered with code Institute to host our SODA Social webinar, ‘The Journey: Transforming Software Engineers Into Leaders.’ In summary, the panel emphasised the importance of soft skills includ...

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