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Beyond the Buzz – Demystifying AI’s Role in Modern Business

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Beyond the Buzz – Demystifying AI’s Role in Modern Business

Has the AI megahype reached its apex? Probably not. Is it sapping our will to stay awake? Probably. However you might feel about the meteoric/rapid/supercharged rise of AI, it’s clear that the business case for it isn’t yet fully understood.

What’s stopping the big AI-led transformation? Has it already happened on the sly (more on that later)? After all, android butlers are now a reality. And while a boardroom full of human-esque, coffee-wielding robot monsters is nothing new, AI is a lot more pedestrian for most decision-makers.

Hoping to build an AI-savvy team? Trying to make the most out of your new tool? Trying to make it do anything whatsoever? Here are some top suggestions from our tech recruitment aficionados.

Fantasy Vs Reality

Sentient robot takeover = fantasy. Handy systems that can learn, adapt, and solve real-world problems = reality.

A Trusty Companion

AI is being used by countless teams of all shapes and sizes across a wealth of industries, disciplines, sectors, and specialisms. From designers to lawyers, AI has transcended the bonds of tech-native companies to act as a trusty companion. What does that look like in action? You don’t need to be a techie to truly benefit either – often, AI’s impact is less grandiose than it lets on.  

Common use cases involve:

  • Using Large Language Models like Bard, ChatGPT, and Copilot to write copy

  • Creating graphics with tools like Adobe’s text-to-graphic generator

  • Chatbots! Your omnipresent customer service helpers

  • Implementing fraud detection systems

  • Utilising AI recruiters to screen candidates and filter applications

A Staggered Approach

Want to enhance your processes with AI but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Plenty of people struggle with the use case – we’ve seen teams enjoy success with a staggered approach.

By starting with free user-friendly AI tools (like Bard or ChatGPT) you can muck around and learn the virtual ropes without having to worry about consequences too much.

It’s worth asking yourself:

  • What do I want to do with AI? Do you want to automate a repetitive data entry task? How about writing social media posts for your brand? Whatever it is, it needs identifying. If you need something improved, there’s an AI tool for it. Probably.

  • What are my business goals? Aligning your tools with your broader business goals is a good way to measure the impact of new tech. It’s not uncommon for ‘optimisation tools’ to slow you down if you’re not sure what they’re doing for your business.

  • Is my team ready to take on new tech? Adopting new AI tools can signify a major change for your team. Understanding their AI readiness is vital; it’s the only way of identifying (and ultimately, closing) knowledge gaps.


AI is a companion, not a replacement, as you’ve probably read 5 quintillion times in the last 10 seconds if you’re a LinkedIn user. AI should empower your team, not take away their jobs. Once you’ve worked out what you’re goals for AI are, you’ll have an easier time integrating it into your team’s various moving parts.

Building a Top Team

If you’re hoping to build a team that knows its way around an AI tool or two, Trust in SODA has you covered. Our community-led recruitment services create access to hard-to-reach talent, even in highly competitive markets. Reach out to the team to learn more!