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Episode 33: Blowback, Business, and No-Nonsense Leadership, with Andrew Holmes

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Episode 33: Blowback, Business, and No-Nonsense Leadership, with Andrew Holmes

​Episode 33! SODA’s Managing Director, Oliver Perry, caught up with the insightful Andrew Holmes, author, management consultant, business partner, humourist – the list goes on. Tune in to hear all about unintended consequences in the corporate world. 

Andrew Holmes is a non-executive director at Birmingham Bank and All Africa Capital Limited. His decades-long career spans a multitude of sectors, and roles, ranging from survey and mapping, software development and IT, project and programme management, consultancy and more recently establishing new banks and bank branches. 

Andrew has spent the bulk of his career leading and delivering change into blue chip organisations nationally, regionally, and globally, including BP, British Gas, UBS, National Express, Ministry of Defence, Ordnance Survey, Silicon Valley Bank, EY and PricewaterhouseCoopers. 

In addition, Andrew has been an active author since 1999, writing on a range of topics including risk management, IT, consultancy, lifelong learning, and more latterly the unintended consequences of decision-making. He has also written four humour books focused on the annoying attributes of people on trains, at work, and in public (the “painspotting” series).

Andrew holds a bachelor's degree from Newcastle University, a master's from the London School of Economics, and a postgraduate diploma from Said Business School, University of Oxford.

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