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Beyond Hiring: What is Community-Led Recruitment?

As tech skill shortages reach record heights, traditional recruitment models fail to keep pace with the demand for talent.The German tech market is a prime example, a thriving, innovation-rich hub ...

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What's with the Influx of Fake Tech Candidates?

Tech’s talent market has reached an apex of competitiveness. Between the advent of transformative technological advancement and a slowing global economy (although 2024 began more positively than ex...

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Making the Pivot into Tech

It’s never too late to make the pivot into tech. The industry is changing, and so are the routes people take to get there. From bootcamp graduates to self-trained software engineering extraordinair...

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The Talent Retention Checklist

​Widespread layoffs might have the headlines hooked, but the view from the CTO’s seat tells a more nuanced tale. Tech’s talent retention troubles won’t go away; high turnover rates (12.9% according...

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Talent Wars: Can Startups Compete with Big Tech?

​Talent wars define today’s tech space as ambitious startups face a persistent glaring issue – how can they compete with their Big Tech overlords?Trust in Big Tech took a hit at the start of the ye...

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Tech Tips with SODA: Felipe Alemany

​The SODA Squad’s very own Antonia Otter caught up with the marvellous Felipe Alemany recently for a chat about tech recruitment (our favourite subject). Felipe is the Tech Talent Acquisition Team ...

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What Should You Ask Your Recruiter?

A great recruiter does so much more than just fill roles – they’re a trusted career advisor equipped with the tools to help you thrive in the working world. That said, it can to know what to ask th...

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Net Promoter Score: Defining Our Customer-Centric Approach

​ At Trust in SODA, we pride ourselves on delivering unrivalled customer service. It’s why our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is such a mission-critical metric! You’re only as good as the quality of your...

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How to Nail Your Technical Coding Interview

​For some, technical coding interviews are no more than a dread-inducing fiasco, a stealer of sleep, and potentially, a barrier to a dream job. Don’t let this big tech mainstay stop you from chasi...

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How Important is Your Brand Story in Talent Attraction?

​Whether you’re running a fresh-faced startup or a multinational corporation, you have a brand story, and it could provide you with an edge as you hunt for tech talent. Storytelling builds persona...

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Tech's Back to Work Battle

​The back-to-work battle between employer and employee rages quietly on, and recruiters everywhere are trapped somewhere in the middle. Dismissively named by some as a ‘habit’ from the lockdown era...

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Is a Lack of Representation Tech's Biggest Challenge?

Given the infinitely long list to choose from, it’s tough to pinpoint tech’s biggest challenge right now. Among the talent shortages, skill gaps, recessions, very public meltdowns and the ensuing p...

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