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Embracing Change in Tech: Finding Your Next Role

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Embracing Change in Tech: Finding Your Next Role

Adaptability is key in a leaner, greener, AI-enabled tech industry. Layoffs are down, salaries are resetting, and resignation month is right around the corner – if you’re hoping to make the leap to a new tech role anytime soon, you’ll be doing so in a truly bizarre market.

The tech talent landscape, despite the tumultuous economic backdrop, is well-positioned for growth. Wherever there’s digital transformation (which feels like everywhere at the moment) we’re seeing incredibly exciting job openings. The Cloud and Infrastructure space is a prime example: check out our live roles here to see for yourself:

Hoping to make the leap to a new role anytime soon? Our specialist recruiters have these top tips for you.

Consider the Full Package (Especially Equity)

Startups are quite fond of including equity in their remuneration packages, and while it may seem like a good deal on the face of it, there’s a chance the business valuation dips – in a volatile market, it’s not uncommon to see equity tank overnight. Plus, businesses riding the digital transformation wave can be difficult to value with traditional multiples, so you might not get the most accurate representation of its growth prospects.

Startups sometimes offer this when they can’t afford to pay the higher wages. It’s been a fairly effective way to compete with big tech for talent in the past. Whatever you decide the best course of action is, make sure to consider the full package. Researching the equity being offered to you will help you avoid being short-changed in the long term.

Try and Avoid Saying Yes to Counteroffers

Counteroffers might be a recruiter’s bane, but biases aside, there are some very good reasons for saying no. In most cases we’ve seen, the counteroffer is a (very) temporary fix that carries more risk than it’s worth:

  • You may bag yourself a better wage, but you’ll probably damage your future growth potential in the process. If management knows you’re looking to move, there’s a good chance you’ll be out at the first sign of a restructuring. Many see the counteroffer as simply a delaying of the inevitable.

  • The counteroffer might not be financially viable for the business, especially if they’ve had to stretch the budget to keep you. From resentment to future layoffs, it looks like bad news however you look at it.

  • It can spoil your relationship with colleagues too. Your team might get upset that you got the pay rise they deserved, or they could feel like you were disloyal to them.

  • It’s worth knowing that two-thirds of Gen Z workers say job hopping is essential to their career progress (according to SME Web), reflecting the trend of lower median tenures, faster promotions, and corporate transformation.

Prepare for Deep Tech

Now’s the time to prepare your skill set for the Deep Tech takeover. Demand for talent in AI and machine learning is vastly outstripping supply, presenting a golden opportunity for those in a position to start upskilling.

AI might not be affecting your role yet, but if its trajectory is anything to go by, it definitely will at some point in the near future – preparing to work alongside AI will put you in good stead for career growth.

Waiting it Out?

The tech industry is remarkably resilient. Just take the machine learning space – it’s weathered a VC funding winter for what seems like the millionth year in a row. The market may be tight right now, but it will right itself again. Waiting it out and focusing on specialising your skill set is always an option, but given the rate of digitalisation happening around the planet, now could be the time to cast your net a little further afield.👀