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Net Promoter Score: Defining Our Customer-Centric Approach

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Net Promoter Score: Defining Our Customer-Centric Approach

 At Trust in SODA, we pride ourselves on delivering unrivalled customer service. It’s why our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is such a mission-critical metric! You’re only as good as the quality of your customer experience, and if we aim to reshape recruitment, our NPS needs to take centre stage.

An industry-leading NPS marks a deliberate and sustained effort to deliver excellence at every stage of the candidate/client journey. It’s a key benchmark for the SODA squad, and we have our wonderful team to thank for it.

With an NPS of 78.3 (against an industry average of 29), the SODA squad consistently deliver a world-class service. That said, a number alone doesn’t paint the complete picture – hear what our customers have to say about our top performers this month:


‘Great Experience with Outstanding Communication.’ – Jakob, Employer


‘Pleasant, Warm, Informative and Reassuring.’ – Yahya, Candidate


‘Happy to update, provided timely feedback and great coordination between the client and myself.’ – Darren, Candidate


If you’d like to get in contact and discuss recruitment strategies, job opportunities, or market insights with our top recruiters, reach out directly to our top performers this month, Antonia Otter, Alfie Duke, and Emma Stewart! Click on them to find out more about the SODA squad.

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We know that, historically, the world of recruitment doesn’t have the best reputation. The team at Trust in SODA are on a mission to change that for good, and we aim to keep leading from the front to get it done.

Our NPS score is just one piece of the community-led, diversity-focused, knowledge-based recruitment methodology that makes the SODA experience so unique. Whether you’re hoping to make some hires, get hired, or immerse yourself in the latest happenings in the digital tech space, reach out to the team today, we’d love to hear from you.