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What Should You Ask Your Recruiter?

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What Should You Ask Your Recruiter?

A great recruiter does so much more than just fill roles – they’re a trusted career advisor equipped with the tools to help you thrive in the working world. That said, it can to know what to ask them, especially if you haven’t worked with one before.

The best recruiter/candidate relationships are rooted in communication (the one controllable aspect of the process), so don’t be afraid to ask questions! What questions are they? It depends on your priorities, but it’s worth unturning every stone possible.

Here are some suggestions if you’re feeling a bit stuck.

What Does the Team Culture Look Like?

The layout of your prospective team can tell you a lot about a role. Who are you reporting to? How many roles are there before you get to the senior level? Is it a flat hierarchy or a steep one?  If you’re planning on progressing, it’s important you know what you're progressing through (and where you can arrive).

You might know what the brand’s messaging sounds like, how the products look, and where the company claims to be headed, but do you know what the team culture looks like? A dependable recruiter might have the inside scoop on this, so don’t be afraid to ask them for it. After all, they’re doing all they can to ensure you get the job.

Why Are They Hiring for This Position?

Are you curious about why your employer wants the role filled in the first place? Wonder no longer and ask your recruiter! Why did the last person leave the role? Is it the first time they’ve ever hired someone for this particular position? If so, do they have the right procedures and infrastructure in place to accommodate your unique skillset?

This can give you some subtle insight into the kind of culture that you’ll be working in – if you favour stability and security, finding out you’re the third person in a single year to take on the role is probably going to be an unwelcome surprise.

Conversely, perhaps it means that you’re the ideal person for the job! Your recruiter should be able to shed more light on the situation, and if they can’t, then they should be able to find out.

Are There Good DEI Policies in Place?

A solid diversity, equity, and inclusion framework reveals a great deal about a business. Does your new employer actively invest in its employees? Is the workplace a decent place to work? Are your colleagues happy? Are opportunities open to you? So many questions, all covered (in some capacity at least) by a comprehensive DEI framework.

That said, you can only get so far with a policy. Do your potential employers practice what they preach? Your recruiter can give you some insight into what the policies enable in reality.

What is the Company Outlook Like?

If the company outlook is bleak, it’s worth knowing about it. If the outlook is magnificent, it’s worth knowing about it. Even if it’s somewhere in between, it’s worth knowing about it. Your future career might depend on the trajectory of the company.


Your recruiter should provide you with the right foundations to prepare you for your hiring journey. This can include:

  • Interview Tips – Your recruiter will have a strong understanding of what’s required to ace the interview, so make sure they share it with you.

  • Info on the Hiring Manager – It’s worth knowing who you’ll be talking to, it helps with your research (brownie points for the win).

  • Salary Negotiation/Transparency ­–They’re the main event, and possibly the biggest point of contention, salaries can be a pain to navigate without a recruiter in your corner.

  • Giving You Updates – Even if there’s no news, a good recruiter will tell you there’s been no news. Opening up the communication channel and keeping you in the loop is vital.

The Trust in SODA Methodology

When our candidates thrive, we thrive too! At Trust in SODA, our community-led, diversity-focused recruitment methodology underpins every cornerstone of our customer service. Our industry-leading NPS score is a metric we’re passionate about, and it means going above and beyond to answer the right questions.

If you’re hoping to embark on your next professional journey, you can trust in the SODA squad to help. Get in touch with the team on our website, here.

Alternatively, reach out to us on LinkedIn, we’re always up for a chat about all things recruitment, networking initiatives, and of course, digital tech!