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Episode 32: Changing the Tune – Pivoting into Tech with Tim Morris

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Episode 32: Changing the Tune – Pivoting into Tech with Tim Morris

​In this episode of the SODA Social podcast, we sat down with the wonderful Tim Morris, veteran of the live music industry-turned software developer.  Tim shared his thoughts on transferrable skills, changing expectations, bootcamps, and the power of problem-solving (involving gaffa tape and drummer's head).  Happy listening!

Tim is a Backend Software Developer working at Tillo, a global Fintech based in Hove. Spending the first 15 years of his professional career in the music industry, he’s toured the world with artists such as Enter Shikari, Freya Ridings, and Hundred Reasons, as well as recording the likes of Keane, Young Guns, and AJ Tracy across multiple top-charting albums and singles.

Following a pandemic-inspired boot camp, Tim now has his feet firmly set in the tech industry and is putting his experience and problem-solving mindset to good use, delivering innovative software solutions for a fast-growing and dynamic company in the Fintech space.

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