This month, we are amplifying the voices of the LGBTQIA+ community and allies, talking about their career journey and what Pride Month means to them.

The Key Behind Thriving Fintech

Hi, I’m Julian! As a Senior Quality Engineer at Salesforce, I’m responsible for making sure our nonprofit and education products are accessible, customer-centric, and as close to bug-free as possible. After flunking out of Electrical Engineer, I ended up graduating with an Asian American Studies degree. My career started as an English teacher in South Korea working with North Korean defectors. Later, at a nonprofit called Liberty in North Korea, I found my passion for social good and technology colliding as a Salesforce Admin.

Pride, for me, is all about human connection. I try and take some time every year to remember it’s the best time to reach out to those that I feel safe around but might not always agree with. As a Black, Gay Christian who grew up at a Chinese Church and has an eating disorder and generalized anxiety, I’m used to not always being comfortable. I love celebrating with those that love me, but my hope and prayer are that others who might not understand me would take the time to enter into a space outside of their comfort zone.