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Download our 2024 Swiss Market, Salary & Rate Guide!

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Download our 2024 Swiss Market, Salary & Rate Guide!

Fresh from the tailwind of a challenging 2023, the tech industry has shown clear signs of rallying, raising hopes for a brighter, AI-enabled future. Cautious optimism is the prevailing market sentiment, with many tech leaders expecting 2024 to be a ‘bounce-back’ year of sorts, particularly amongst those looking to seize growth opportunities.

In Switzerland, the market’s trademark resilience is being tested by the accelerating rate of digital transformation, spotlighting the importance of organisational agility like never before.

Our guide offers a detailed breakdown of salary and day rates across:

  • Cloud & Infrastructure

  • ERP & CRM

  • Security

  • Software Engineering

  • DevOps

  • Data

  • Creative

Download your free copy today!