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The Swiss Cloud Boom – Uncovering Tech Opportunities

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The Swiss Cloud Boom – Uncovering Tech Opportunities

Often hailed as the world’s sustainability champion, Switzerland’s tech industry is, in many ways, leading the charge when it comes to climate innovation. 

The sustainable FinTech space is a prime example. After Switzerland propelled itself to the front of the innovation pack following the launch of the Swiss Green FinTech Network in 2020, demand for talent has spiked in a few key areas, including cloud engineering, transformation, and infrastructure (you can check out our live jobs in Switzerland here).

Alongside the nation’s sustainability efforts, it’s worth noting that 10% of all Europe’s FinTech enterprises can be found in Switzerland, 46% of which are in Zurich.


Despite the healthy and innovative landscape we’re seeing currently, Switzerland has historically lagged behind other global hubs (like the UK and US) with digitalising their services.

In late 2022, Swiss banks fell out of the top 20 rankings in Deloitte’s Digital Banking Maturity Study, largely for their inability to keep pace with technological progress.

That said, between a world-class FinTech ecosystem, favourable startup conditions, and a number one spot on the Global Talent Competitiveness index, the future looks incredibly bright for tech professionals.

As Swiss organisations increasingly look to digitise their services, demand for cloud engineering talent is picking up.


The country is in the midst of a record-breaking talent crunch, and it’s good news for the world’s job seekers. For those of you hoping to explore a career in the world’s cheese and chocolate capital, it’s worth considering:

  • A number of studies have reported that Switzerland pays the highest cloud engineering salaries in the world at an average of $135,594 (119,808 CHF).

  • Switzerland is the number one ranked country in the world on US News’ Best Countries report, scoring highly on entrepreneurship, business, quality of life, cultural influence, and social purpose. The nation consistently ranks highly in various quality of life studies.

  • You’ll find innovation hubs in abundance. Switzerland has topped the Global Innovation Index for 13 years in a row. The results speak for themselves.

  • Employees typically enjoy a strong work-life balance, despite working slightly longer hours than the European average. The rate of employees working excessively long work hours is also far below the global average.

  • The inimitable scenery.

Support from the SODA

Here at Trust in SODA, we’ve been building our community network across the DACH region for over ten years, and in that time, we’ve had the luxury of working with a range of incredible clients and candidates.

We’re equipped to connect candidates with inclusive, growth-enabled opportunities in Switzerland’s burgeoning cloud space.

If you’re interested in embarking on a fulfilling tech career, our Swiss contract recruitment team are here to support you. Reach out to the team below to find out more: