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Case Study: Allegis Global Solutions

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Case Study: Allegis Global Solutions


Allegis Global Solutions is reimagining the modern working world with a uniquely agile approach to talent management. By taking the all-encompassing approach to business growth, AGS can help its clients enrich their business, from flexible workforce engagement to service procurement and everything in between.

As a leading talent workforce solutions provider, AGS has made an impact in over 60 countries across the planet, and they’ve used their decades of industry experience to make it happen. They set themselves a goal of bringing on a specialised supply to enable them access to niche talent.


AGS needed to source top talent from inside the gaming market, but they were faced with a barrier when the time came to delve into the role requirements for highly technical positions.

In an effort to better understand the requirements and position themselves to provide clear and concise feedback to their clients, AGS turned to the team at Trust in SODA for support.


Trust in SODA was able to build a solid relationship of trust and cooperation with AGS, providing them with expert market insight and consistent updates on the current trends in the gaming talent space.

The relationship resulted in a high increase of candidate quality and greater client confidence in the supplier's ability to fill roles. The contact feedback and pro-activeness of the SODA Squad ultimately changed the hiring manager's perspective on the services.

Key Metrics

4 CVs to Every Role 

Interview to CV Ratio: 2.3:1.

Interview to Placement: 1:1


‘We are now able to work with SODA and involve them in other areas of the business where they can support to showcase their skills and making a positive impact and hopefully expanding in other countries in the future. A lot of this is thanks to Gabriella Morrey Jones, she is doing a brilliant job and I hope that her and the team continue to support us the best they can.’ – Bianca Ilieș – Programme Specialist at Allegis Global Solutions