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Tech's Role in the ESG Revolution

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Tech's Role in the ESG Revolution

​Tech’s Role in the ESG Revolution

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) investment has swollen to record heights as much of the business world continues the shift towards a stakeholder-centric outlook, placing a greater emphasis on leveraging their organisation as a force for good.

Amongst unprecedented regulatory change and evolving consumer behaviour, the tech industry faces pressure (like usual) to innovate in a new direction, catalysed by ESG’s rising popularity.

What is tech’s role in the modern ESG landscape? Are the latest and greatest advancements capable of addressing humanity’s existential threats? What role will it have in the progression of a more equitable future?

Even Bigger Big Data

Big data has entered its gargantuan phase. The world creates an estimated 3.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, and that number looks set to increase substantially in the next few years.

Tech-enabled companies have been leveraging data to improve their ESG efforts, pinpoint areas of improvement, and track progress for a while, resulting in the emergence of digital tech as a key component of an effective, modernised ESG strategy.

In turn, a comprehensive ESG framework can inform how companies deploy, apply, and scale their digital tech, enabling them to maximise their ESG agenda, and machine learning will have a huge part to play in the coming years.

Machine Learning and DeepTech

Advancements in DeepTech are poised to shed some light on industries the world over. Tech like blockchain will push greater supply chain transparency (provided it’s successfully woven into the fabric of organisations), and NLP will make it easier to draw from a vast expanse of ESG insight, turning unstructured data into a gold mine for ESG-focused businesses.

The ESG era is no longer optional – it’s a reality of modern business, and those that fail to adopt an authentic, effective agenda will suffer. Investors and shareholders are becoming increasingly captivated by companies that embark on a journey of ESG-inspired growth, and technology represents an opportunity to supercharge that growth.

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