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Leaders In Techmeet Niamh Harman

Leaders in Tech: Meet Niamh Harman

​We sat down with lead designer at Salesforce, Niamh Harman, to discuss her career in technology.I'm Niamh, currently Lead UX/UI Designer at Salesforce. I work on the Business Technology team in Du...

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Download Our Free White Paper, Techthe Future Of Sustainability

Download our free white paper, ‘tech: the future of sustainability.’

To support Earth Day 2021, we held a sustainability-focused soda social webinar, ‘tech: the future of sustainability’ – in partnership with the innovative sustainable energy technology leader – OVO...

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SODA Social webinar #11 – Pride in Tech: amplifying the voices of the LGBTQIA+ community

​Our first virtual pride in tech panel discussion took place in a forward-thinking debate that uncovered companies that are bringing LGBTQIA+ visibility to technological innovation. Our panel discu...

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Download Our Free White Paper, The Journey Transforming Software Engineers Into Leaders

Download our free white paper, ‘the journey: transforming software engineers into leaders.’

​We partnered with code Institute to host our SODA Social webinar, ‘The Journey: Transforming Software Engineers Into Leaders.’ In summary, the panel emphasised the importance of soft skills includ...

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