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All about AI – with Robert Elliott Smith

We had the opportunity to virtually sit down with Robert Elliot Smith – an expert in AI and machine learning with over 30 years’ experience. Robert spoke to us about what the term ‘AI’ truly means,...

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Podcast Episode 2 Sodaaiseries Machine Learning Autonomous Cars With Alexander Gechis

Podcast episode 2 – series: machine learning & autonomous cars with Alexander Gechis

​Alexander is a perception lead at Kopernikus automotive GmbH. He started his career as a software test engineer and worked in a big variety of fields primarily related to machine learning topic li...

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Sodaicomputer Vision In Production 2 Computer vision in production 2.0

Our soda social community came together for our latest webinar ‘computer vision in production 2.0,’ as part of our series.The webinar was fuelled with interesting topics of discussion; from ...

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Dear Germany Lets Talk Dei

Dear Germany, let’s talk DE&I.

Every 20 minutes, a start-up tech company is founded in Germany’s capital, Berlin. For the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to work within the digital recruitment sector within this exciting tec...

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