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Software Engineering

Software Engineering

It seems like everybody needs software engineers. Tech companies are not the only organisations that depend on coders or pay them well.

Both the public and private sectors benefit requires the skilled support of specialist software developers and there are a range of employment prospects. We’re hiring for engineers who build software used by millions every day. Software Engineers increase our access to information and data, connect people, serve businesses requirements, provide entertainment and enable hardware to reach its full potential.

Ambition-quenching roles

Some key sectors that we commonly recruit into include Ecommerce, Fintech, Retail, Creative Agencies, Entertainment, Travel and Gaming to name a few.

With a shift towards Microservice architecture we are seeing an increase in demand to hire Polyglot programmers and many engineers upskilling into new languages and frameworks, including Kotlin, NodeJS, Typescript to name a few.

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At SODA we are ridiculously passionate about what we do, and we absolutely LOVE the clients that we work with, both agency and client side. We are an experienced bunch; we work together; we help each other out; and we genuinely like going to work (dress down of course!).

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