Viki heads up the Global Freelance / Contract Teams here at Trust in SODA. The teams specialise across the UK, Irish, Swiss & German Markets recruiting the whole digital lifecycle for our clients.

'"I chose Trust in SODA because I wanted to work for a business that was different...there are so many agencies out there offering the same service, for the same price, swimming in the same pools and I wanted more from a business. Now, I get to partner on diversity-led initiatives, lead customer education and work with some of the most impressive, innovative individuals I've ever met."

Viki has been working across the UK and Europe for nearly 15 years, specialising in Digital & Technology Contract Recruitment. She understands that as a customer, you are trusting her with either your career or your company's reputation, and we promise that you won't find many people more passionate about providing you with the best possible contracting experience.