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Is FoodTech Changing the World?

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Is FoodTech Changing the World?

From synthetic meats to robotic line chefs, the FoodTech space is never short on innovation. Poised to solve some of the world’s oldest and most profound problems, the industry represents a transformative new era for tech careers. What will tomorrow’s careers look like at the leading edge of discovery?

Climate change, the hunger crisis, and even food safety – FoodTech is making a positive impact, one leading-edge solution at a time. Here’s how.

Farming & Agriculture

Precision farming rose to prominence in the 1990s, and thanks to tech, it’s come a long way since. Soil sample analysis is more accurate than ever, satellite imagery monitors crop health has improved detection disease detection capability, and AI-enabled tech yields real-time data to mitigate costs.

Recently, hydroponic farming (growing crops without soil) has stolen the agricultural limelight. This methodology can minimise the colossal amount of resources used in traditional farming methods, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Why is it important? We will need to feed approximately 10 billion people by 2050. Carbon emissions generated from food production currently account for over a third of the global total – alternatives are desperately needed, and it looks like they already exist.

Food Waste

Every year, around 30% of all food produced is wasted. FoodTech has the potential to change this swiftly and completely, provided that it’s adopted en masse. By using digital tech to monitor and track resources across the entire supply chain journey, waste reduction is possible. TCS use smart technology to do exactly that.

The application of this tech stretches far beyond the supply line – automated waste reduction tech can be used at the checkouts, in the produce aisles, on IoT (internet of things) tech, and even in the home.

Why is it important? Between 2019 and 2022, the number of undernourished people grew by 150 million, a sudden uptake after declining for nearly ten years. Avoidable food wastage is a resource that could be used to feed those people. Tech presents an opportunity to make a data-driven change and prevent wastage before it ever has a chance to happen.

Solving the Crisis

FoodTech platforms are vital in the fight against the hunger crisis. From the redirection of surplus food to optimised inventory management, apps are making a difference every day, driving a more equitable food system.

The industry is revolutionising the way we eat, produce, and distribute food, leaning on consistent innovation to dismantle barriers. The safety and sustainability of food are aspects of a brighter tomorrow for all of humanity, and tech has an essential part to play.


Like most high-growth sectors, FoodTech boasts incredible opportunities. Food Scientists, data analysts, technologists, software developers – if you’re hoping to leap into a fulfilling new role, FoodTech has likely got you covered.

Here at Trust in SODA, we’re dedicated to reshaping the world of digital tech. If you want to get involved with the FoodTech revolution and make a difference of your own, reach out to our specialist recruitment consultants today – we would love to hear from you.