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Women in DevOps: Is Manchester the new tech hub?

​In addition to this, it is home to a uniquely creative and social community, with endless opportunities, networking and a culture that enables innovation and a sense of unity. Last week, we held o...

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Soda Social Webinar #16   Mental Health Awareness Week   Getting Connected

SODA Social webinar #16 – Mental Health Awareness Week – getting connected

​During the pandemic, 30.9% of adults felt their well-being had been affected by feelings of loneliness (UK Gov, 2020).The pandemic has transformed how we think about mental health, wellbeing, and ...

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Women in DevOps: Empowering women: tackling toxic productivity & hustle culture

​Is the age of 80–100 hours a week a thing of the past?The pandemic transformed the workplace, bringing awareness to unrealistic expectations. More mindful initiatives such as the four-day work wee...

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