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Past Events

Oct 19 2023 Pit   October 19th    Building An Inclusive Workplace

Building an Inclusive Workplace: Supporting LGBTQIA+ Employees Across Borders

Time 18:00-21:30

Location London

​How can we create an inclusive workplace that transcends borders? Pride in Tech are teaming up with the wonderful Flex for a panel discussion on October 19th, where we will explore what it means t...

Sep 05 2023 Dsc0107 Min

Tech for a Greener Tomorrow: Hackathon for Sustainable Solution

Time 18:00-20:00

​What a weekend! On Saturday 9th September, our Squad touched down in sunny Dublin for our latest Hackathon, in collaboration with our friends at Code Institute. 🇮🇪 ❤️📲​In this particular hackathon...

Jul 18 2023 Sabrina Webinar Ss

Unleashing DevOps Potential: The Power of Sponsorship

Time 13:00-14:00

Creating a space for your voice is crucial, have you got the right support? A sponsor could be the answer. ​In this recent panel discussion, we teamed up with Slalom Build to explore the powerful b...

Jul 06 2023 Dsc9694

From Data-driven to people-driven: Leading with empathy in Tech

Time 00:00-00:00

🌈✨ Last week in celebration of Pride, our community dived into an evening of good vibes, laughter, and fun during ourPride in TechandWomen in DevOps, 'From Data-Driven to People-Driven: Leading wit...

Jun 28 2023 Dsc9818 Min

Getting Noticed: The Power of a Personal Brand

Time 18:30-21:00

Location London

​What does a personal brand mean to you? ✨We hosted our London panel session on, 'Getting Noticed: The Power of a Personal Brand' in collaboration with the fabulous team atCapgemini. Chaired by our...

Jun 01 2023 Prideintechpanel

Bisexuality 101

Time 19:30-22:30

Our Pride in Tech community came together at EY's London offices as we teamed up with London Bisexual Network, for our ‘Bisexuality 101' panel discussion.Our panel explored the fundamentals of the ...

May 31 2023 Dsc0993

Talking Equity: Breaking Biases & Embracing Advocacy

Time 07:30-22:00

Inspired by this year’s International Women’s Day theme of ‘Talking Equity,’ team Women in DevOps headed on down to Dublin town to host our first Ireland in-person event in over three years in coll...

Apr 20 2023 Dsc0255 (1) Min

The Evolution of DevOps: Exploring the Digital Revolution

Time 07:00-09:00

​‘We shouldn’t forget ethics and AI. When we move at an accelerated pace, we are accelerating that bias.’ This week team Women in DevOps hosted our global hybrid event, ‘The Evolution of DevOps: Ex...

Apr 13 2023 Hackathonpic

Stamp Out the Stigma: Supporting Veterans' Mental Health

Time 07:00-09:00

​Our very first (in-person) London Hackathon: Complete! On April 15th, the Trust in SODA squad had the pleasure of teaming up with Ex-Military Careers and the wonderful Code Institute for a hackath...

Mar 29 2023 Dsc9798 (1)

Talking Equity: Breaking Biases and Embracing Advocacy

Time 06:00-09:00

O​ur Women in DevOps team held our first Bristol-based event ‘Talking Equity: Breaking Biases and Embracing Advocacy’ in collaboration with our friends at Huboo.The session started with the wonderf...

Mar 09 2023 Dsc8985

Belonging in DevOps: The Importance of Intersectionality

Time 01:00-02:00

From all at Women in DevOps, we would like to wish our community a very happy International Women's Day to all our fierce, fabulous Queens of the tech space. You are amazing. ✨ 🔥 👑Today, we touched...

Nov 24 2022 Salarynegotiationworkshopwid

Women in DevOps: Knowing Your Worth - Salary Negotiation Workshop

Time 12:00-12:00

Location London

Reach for the outrageous numbers! Always negotiate your salary – your counterparts do. Thank you to everyone who attended Women in DevOps' latest networking initiative, where we teamed up with Blac...

Nov 03 2022 Dtgd3

Damn! That's Good Data! #3

Time 12:00-12:00

​On Thursday evening SODA Social flew to Berlin to host the highly anticipated return of our ‘Damn! That’s Good Data! series led by Suki Sidhu.  The event touched on a series of presentations explo...

Aug 18 2022 D Amn Thats Good Data   August (13)

Damn! That's Good Data! #2

Time 13:00-13:00

​Join us for our upcoming SODA Social event in Berlin as part of our 'Damn! That's Good Data!' series.Data. It gets a lot of bad press! People make assumptions about data, and their first thoughts ...

Jun 22 2022 Computer Vision In Production22june

Computer Vision in Production with Planet

Time 13:00-13:00

We are delighted to announce the Eight Computer Vision in Production event. This event is going to be focused onTransforming technologies: sports, geospatial, fashion and Machine Learning on Edge. ...

Jun 09 2022 Soda Social   Hello Fresh   Suki Berlin June

Damn! That's Good Data!

Time 13:00-13:00

​Data. It gets a lot of bad press! People make assumptions about data, and their first thoughts are of businesses leveraging for consumer exploitation to the global Cambridge Analytica scandal and ...

Oct 21 2020 Computer Visionin Production

​SOD.AI SOCIAL: Computer Vision in Production 2.0

Time 13:00-13:00

We will be speaking our expert panel from the Computer Vision industry, where we will discuss how they are using Computer Vision in production, the technologies they have had success with, and the ...

Sep 09 2020 Computer Vision In Production

SOD.AI SOCIAL: Computer Vision in Production

Time 13:00-13:00

Location London

We were thrilled to welcome everyone to the first SOD.AI Social Virtual event, the theme of our running events will be on the topic of Computer Vision in production.We spoke to our expert panel fro...

Jul 30 2020 System Design Think Tank Smart Products Smart Systems

System Design Think Tank: Smart Products, Smart Systems

Time 13:00-13:00

​Products such as our mobile phones, smart watches, or digital calendars have been created with a smart structured plan or system to work efficiently. Many of today’s technologies aim to proactivel...

Jul 15 2020 A Security Driven Mindset In Dev Ops Global Edition

Women in DevOps: 'A Security Driven Mindset in DevOps: Global Edition'

Time 13:00-13:00

Location London

We were thrilled to see such a diverse group of attendees at this webinar, from South Africa, San Francisco and Los Angeles, to Germany, Edinburgh, Dublin and London; it was a real treat to have yo...

Mar 05 2019 Balance For Better

Balance for Better

Time 12:00-12:00

Location London

The world has made progress on the problem of gender inequality, however, inequality is still a global issue. A balanced workforce drives innovation and we believe that businesses need to do more t...

Nov 26 2018 Women In Dev Ops   Let's Get Technical In Collaboration With Facebook

Women in DevOps - Let's get Technical in collaboration with Facebook

Time 12:00-12:00

Location London

​Nestled behind the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, you'll find Facebook's HQ and our most recent Women in DevOps meetup collaboration. Facebook's mission is to connect the world, bringing the ...

Sep 18 2018 Women In Dev Ops Mind The (Gender) Gap

Women in DevOps - Mind the (Gender) Gap

Time 13:00-13:00

Location London

​After an incredible summer which kicked off our biggest event yet, we took Women in DevOps to the astounding PhotoBox HQ in Farringdon for our first ever panel discussion with Refinery29, Inc. In ...

Jul 24 2018 Women In Dev Ops   Summer Edition

Women in DevOps - Summer Edition

Time 13:00-13:00

Location London

​The sun was out, with picturesque cityscape views of London from Expedia Group’svibrant rooftop offices, created the perfect Women in DevOps setup for our Summer Edition - Part One event. This was...

Apr 05 2018 Women In Dev Ops   Spring Meetup

Women in DevOps - Spring Meetup

Time 13:00-13:00

Location London

​We’ve seen the application of AI in real life such as Facebook and autonomous cars. For the first time, humanity is creating technology that can develop itself. We discussed and debated whether or...