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Are Tech Jobs Creative?

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Are Tech Jobs Creative?

​It’s time for some myth-busting! Tech jobs aren’t all about number crunching, it’s a dynamic industry, and it’s home to plenty of the world’s most creative roles (it created a fair number of them after all).

Tech has been augmenting human creativity since forever – the two aren’t mutually exclusive, nor are they inherently competitive.

After a slow few months on the talent market, hiring is picking up again on the creative side of tech jobs, marking the perfect time to explore the opportunities on offer.

If you’re hankering to scratch that creative itch, it’s worth thinking about the ‘what’ and ‘where’ when it comes to creative tech roles. Not only do they exist, but there are loads of them! Take a quick look at some of our live jobs if you need some inspo:

UX Design

UX design jobs tend to focus on a wide variety of creative aspects – the role can be extraordinarily varied (depending on where you are), drawing on elements from psychology, art, business studies, writing, market research, and more. It’s worth noting that while UX design jobs are in demand, the market is fiercely competitive. Courses, bootcamps, networking, and working on independent projects can help you bolster your skill set. 

Social Media Manager/Marketing Manager

Tech-savvy marketers are a sought-after bunch in today’s data-loving landscape. Marketers use a range of tech tools (SEMrush, Canva, Google Analytics, Adobe, etc.) to bolster their campaigns and enhance their creative choices. A balanced and highly dynamic role, social media managers/marketing managers are a great not-too-technical tech choice for those hoping to enjoy clear career paths, exciting workdays and fulfilling projects.

Product Manager

There’s nothing quite as uniquely creative as turning a vision into a reality. Product managers are responsible for developing and delivering product strategies in line with consumer needs. From the creation and curation of ideas to cross-functional collaboration, the product designer is a less technically oriented role, but very much a creative tech job that’s well worth exploring.


The emergence of large language models (looking at you, ChatGPT) has changed writing jobs forever. Now that everyone and every brand has access to limitless AI-generated copy, the demand for talented copywriters is rising. The human touch has never been so valuable for brands trying to make their mark. If you’re passionate about tech, now could be the ideal time to get paid to write about it.

A Tech Role for Everyone

Tech is overdue for a dose of demystification. You don’t need to be a coding whizz to work in tech, you don’t need to own a hoody, and you don’t always have to have come from a STEM background.

Demystification: Complete! Not really, but still, learning what tech jobs involve (and what they look like in action!) is a big part of the process.

There is a tech role for everyone. Like most industries, company cultures, role requirements, policies, missions, and visions differ widely – it’s all about finding an opportunity that lets you grow in a way that best suits you.

It’s easier said than done. We’ve been creating access to career opportunities for a decade now (we turned ten this year!), and we’ve had the great privilege of helping hundreds of people find their dream roles.

Looking for a job? Our community-led, diversity-focused recruitment methodology has you covered. Contact me directly to learn more about how we can help: